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Kukuleku - kukuleku - kukuleku the roosters outside were awake and thanks to them so was I, it was only 4.30 am and I rolled over in bed to continue to sleep. Beep - beep - beep. A quick look at the alarm clock told me that it was 6.30 am and that I had to wake up, to be honest I couldn't be asked to be bothered to wake up this early as I hadn't woken up at this time of the day for a long long long time but Joseph sprang out of his bed and urged me to do the same. Today would be the first day of the trek where we would actually do some trekking, yesterday was just a getting to Gorkha day. For breakfast I had, big surprise Dalbat. Joseph told me that it's great trekking food as it's high on proteins and carbs whcih you'll need plenty during the hard days of the trek. Well it could be great trekking food but the real great thing about Dalbat is that you'll get free refills!

After two refills of Dalbat, I took the liberty of taking Brian's Dalbat refill we left the guesthouse and trekked slowly away from Gorkha on a horsecart trail unlike in Tibet this trail wasn't "yet" converted into a speeding Landcruiser highway. In the Budhist and Muslim town of Halle we had a long lunch not because we ate so much or because the cook was from Laos but because it take time, a lot of time to prepare and cook 9 meals of Dalbat on one pit. This geve me the opertunity to explore the town and after a good 6 minutes I had explored the town and I took it really slooowly.

Khanchowk our destination of today was not much bigger than Halle but big enough to have a simple basic gueasthouse where we could stay for the night. Mr. Lakbah (chef) our cook had to catch and slaughter two chickens for our chickencurry we got with our Dalbat. Too bad we didn't have rooster curry as I saw some big roosters walking outside that would definetly start yelling again at 4.30 the next morning.

eefab says:
Why don't they have genetically modified roosters yet, which can be programmed to wake you at a time you want?:-)
Posted on: Jun 26, 2007
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