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This was my hint! I didn't get it.

February 7, 1997



Even after reading the entry from yesterday, I still feel like I didn’t do those months justice. Ole, DS, required two daily staff meetings, one at 7:30 AM and one at 3:30 PM. Each would last an hour and a half. We would give status reports for our departments. If you were late the first minute of the meeting would be spend groveling, in attempt to explain why dealing with whatever fire was more important than the first five minutes of yet another damn meeting. It did not matter the excuse, you got a snide comment or a beratement. The customer was not number one, DS was. You did not keep him waiting.


Then as he went around the room, he would find new and varying ways to call you incompetent. This was his way of motivating you. He felt like everything would improve if only everyone worked as hard as he did. One day, for God knows what reason, he tried using the analogy of the cows he could see in the distant field, to explain a point. In this story he made of point of enumerating the number of cows and calves, going as far as to change the tally, to absolutely illustrate that he had counted them. I will never forget the lesson he taught me that day.  That lesson was that this man was so delusional in his belief that “we”, his department heads were the sole reason to blame for our local troubles, and that there was so little he could do, that he had the time to spend gazing out the window and count cows!


Another time he was going over the Profit and Loss statement, we were always in the red from all the extra money spent to redeliver product and the copious amounts of overtime, and trailer rentals. But, today DS was focusing on office supplies. A normal manager would have explained that we were using too much paper, pens, ect, and would institute tighter controls over purchasing. Mr. DS starts the conversation by say ‘I know that we are currently funding the school supplies for all of your children at home. So today, that stops.” Now, we were all stealing from him.


And it did not stop when I finally got home. Mr. DS, observing that as the person in charge of all inventory, I was the contact person, if something could not be found.  I was to be called at home if the night people could not find product the computer said we had. Never mind that I did not even supervise the people who put the product away. So two or three nights a week, I would be woken up, my an apologetic night supervisor, asking if I knew anything about such and such. Sometimes I did, but the most of the time I had no more idea than they did. But, if they were asked by DS if they had called me, and reported they had not, they were on the receiving end of his wrath. Of course, his thought process was that I was just lazy, and if I wanted this to stop all I had to do was work harder and longer.


Christ, I just wrote another 500 words on this. This should give you an idea of the trama. Maybe I need counseling?


Anyway, Christmas arrived and Margo had been hinting about a special gift for me. Even with all of the stuff going on at work, I had wondered what I was going to get. She had done a suburb job of building the anticipation. Alfred Hitchcock could not have done a better job. Christmas morning, after passing out all of the gifts, which was my fatherly duty, I rushed over to my stack to go right for the “special” gift. Margo was not yet done with me. As I had been engaged doing my Santa impression, she had taken the gift. When I questioned its disappearance, she informed me that it would be opened last. She can be cruel.


When I finally opened it, it was a motorized, plush, airplane. It was a baby toy. She told me that it was actually a hint, and gave me a few seconds to think. My brain was mush. Remember this was Christmas, and I had children of 12 and 7 years old. I had spent the prior night putting our presents and cookies, after waging war at work. The children, in a time honored tradition, had woken us up as soon as the night sky brightened. I was way too tired to have a guess. She took pity on me and handed me a legal envelope. I opened it, and I pulled out a single round trip plane ticket to San Diego!


I was jazzed! To completely explain, I was getting a weekend pass to the sun of San Diego, home of my best friend and long time drinking buddy, and Margo was going to stay at home and watch the kids! I was dumbfounded!


My hometown team, the Broncos had made the playoffs in 1996. I spent the month of January calling Dennis, in SD, and hashing out not only what we would do, but the Broncos progress in during the post season as well. They had a great team that year, and even the commentators on TV thought they would represent the AFC. But, Jacksonville did them in and there was no joy in Mudville.


That did not mean I wasn’t happy. I was thrilled beyond words when I boarded the plane that Friday. The flight was memorable only for the fact that I spent it working on a present for my daughter. I was feeling guilty for leaving for SD on her birthday, but things had been so hectic that I didn’t even realize the significance of the day until the beginning of the week. At the last minute I came up with an idea of a puzzle, using the answers to questions to help her find her prize. I don’t even remember the just of it, but as soon as I touched down in SD, and made it to Dennis’ I called home and phoned it in to Margo. She turned the idea into something tangible, and Jessi loved it. Conscious appeased.


I gained an extra hour flying west, so that gave me a little bit of time to start the night. Dennis, his wife, and I all headed to the Gaslamp District and a sports bar, whose name I can’t recall. But the evening was beautiful, at least 20 degrees warmer than home. The beer was cold and the food, was well, bar food. But, I love bar food! We hung out there for awhile, and then went back to Dennis’ to rest up for our next day.

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This was my hint! I didnt get it.
This was my hint! I didn't get it.
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