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Jolene and Jessi

Sunday, June 14, 1998


Finally! We could start having fun. Or at least the girls could. Today’s agenda consisted of visiting White Water, the premier water park in Branson, and then taking in the Moe Bandy show. I was really looking forward to seeing Moe Bandy. He put on a great show when we saw him four years ago. I was not really looking forward to the water park. It’s really not my thing. I’m too fat to look good in swimming trunks, but young enough where I still should. I hate things that make me confront my faults. It’s just way too easy to ignore them, and hope they go away.


Regardless, I promised the girls that we would do the water park, and especially after they had been so good during the drive up.

Jolene at the show
  I wasn’t as well behaved as they were. So after breakfast at Penelope’s, we were off. The park opened at 10 AM, and today promised to be hot, so arriving first thing didn’t seem like a bad thing at all.


After paying the $19 admission per person, the girls wanted to tackle the big slides first. They are the most fun after all. Margo stayed with Jackie, who hasn’t a daring bone in her body. Margo rented several inner tubes, so we could all float in the lazy river later. While she was doing that, the girls and I made it up the top of the stairs at our first aqua monstrosity. We did one with tubes first. Their giant slide would come later. Upon launch we were subjected to twists and turns, while alternately being plunged into darkness, which got us wondering if the next light would be the end of the tunnel, and large splash, or just a sensory bone. It was over quick enough and we each made our splash. Jessi doesn’t swim so I made sure I was right there to grab her, so she wouldn’t get scared. She had a life jacket, so there was little danger. She was popped up like a cork and was just fine. We did a few of these, but soon the lines got large enough to deter us from waiting.


We found Margo and Jackie and joined them in the river for awhile. I kind of liked that. Not only was it a very leisurely pace, it gave me plenty of time to admire all the bikinis that had come out to play. But as exciting as that was, it did get boring going around and around, and the park had another adventure for us, the Surfquake Wave Pool.


The SurfQuake Wave Pool is a large fairly calm pool that you can float and swim in. But every 15 minutes a bell sounds and the wave maker comes on. The machine churns up waves up to 4 foot high, which bounce and churn the floaters and swimmers. At the deep end, it is 8 feet deep, with the waves making it deeper at times.


Jackie can’t swim. But, Jackie can panic. Jackie was floating on her tube when the bell sounded the start of the waves. She was about half way out, and when the waves started, they pulled into the deeper water. We had lost track of her, when that first bell sounded. The pool was filled with splashing and screaming children. It looked like that scene from Titanic after the ship went under. Margo and I began to scan the waves trying to pick her out. We quickly found her and she was at the far end. Margo swims like a rock with an anvil lifesaver. That meant I had to swim out and come tow Jackie back. She was wearing a life jacket,  (which we insisted on over her objections) so she wasn’t in great danger. But, water and panic don’t mix. Luckily she had been going with the flow (so to speak) and wasn’t worked up by the time I got to her.


That was our excitement for the day. We spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon at the water park. By the time we got done we were all pretty tired. So we drove back to our Hollister Hotel for a nap. Naps are a good thing. I never appreciated them when I was younger. But with age comes wisdom. Or at least enough accumulated BS to work up a good story. Today, I’m pretty sure it was exhaustion, disguised as wisdom that has us all in bed for a couple of hour. We were up in time to get dressed and ready for dinner and then our show.


Dinner ended up being a very forgettable meal at a fast food place. We were seeing Moe Bandy tonight, and I was looking forward to it. Moe sings the music I grew up with, and I always found his songs to be some combination of touching, fun, and patriotic. We had really enjoyed his show four years ago and saw no reason why this should be any different. There had been a couple of changes in the last four years, though. Moe had moved to a new theater and had gotten a new wife as well. Theresa, the new wife, was also a singer and was now in the show. Moe had also picked up a comedian, Hargus Marcel, to add some additional humor the show. We enjoyed the show. There was plenty of music, comedy, and Moe’s standard Q & A intermission. I didn’t quite like it as much as the first time, but I chocked that up to having high expectations.


That was it for today. I was glad to have the water park behind us. Tomorrow, we were going to spend the day at Silver Dollar City and then see another show.


Dr_Seuss says:
Congrats on the feature Bill and Yayyyyyy!!!! for Water Parks :-)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
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Jolene and Jessi
Jolene and Jessi
Jolene at the show
Jolene at the show
photo by: rotorhead85