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My girls, Summer 1998

Friday, June 12, 1998



The decision on where to go for this trip still ranks, after eleven years, as the least reasoned. I’m a planner. I like to devote months of planning and research on our chosen destination. I find out as much as I can in advance. What to see, where to stay, hours of operations, read the hotel reviews, compute travel time, allot time for each attraction, and on and on. No detail is too trivial to look at. Does everything go according to plan all the time? No, but I never expect that it would. My goal is to know that there is to see and do, and have enough time and money to do what we decide on. Then to have a Plan B. It doesn’t work for everyone, but we are never sitting around the hotel wondering what we are going to do today.


With that in mind, we picked out Branson, MO as our vacation spot this year. We picked that spot in February, with a June visit in mind. Four months is still a lot of time, even for me. But I usually know the year or even years before where we are going to visit. But this year, I had little time to devote to planning. Why, because 1997 sucked! Luckily, it had nothing to do with sickness or death. I won’t go into too much detail, I think I’ll save that for my 1997 blog, but we had big changes as work. I adapt well, but these changes started with a bad plan and eventually ended in bankruptcy. I worked 60-65 hours per week, for three different bosses, most of that year. We moved into a new building and ground through people like they were sausage. I was in tears (and I’m not an emotional guy) a time or two.


To top it off the final guy I worked for that year was a jerk. Jerk is really much too kind, he was sphincter muscle. He once could not reach a particular Customer Service Representative, as her line was busy. She was a top drawer worker, and was smoothing something (there was a lot smoothing to be done back then) over with a customer. So Mr. Wonderful gets on the intercom and say “Paging Anonymous! Paging Anonymous! Please call Mr. Wonderful immediately! There has been a death in the family!” He would brow beat his managers in meetings twice a day. There was a happy ending to the story. Eventually, the “death” story made it back to corporate and they started to pay more attention to the personnel complaints coming out of our facility. It took them a few months, but he was eventually shown the door.


Enough context. We picked Branson, because we had been there before in 1994 and really liked it. We knew what there was to do, and only had to discover what was new or changed. We knew what we wanted to do again, and what we missed the first time. It would make planning much easier. Unfortunately, it also made for the least memorable of all of our family vacations. We’d been there, done that, and quite literally, got the t-shirt. But, as we had skipped a family vacation last year, going anywhere was a treasure.


We decided to drive, spend three days, and then come back. That would be five days away from home and two very long driving days. This trip is memorable for one thing. Those two long driving days added a rule to Kretzer Rules of Traveling. This new rule states; “Never spend more than eight hours in a car, in one day.” With rest stops, it was 15 hours one way from Brighton to Branson. My two girls are angels when traveling by car. There is no “Are we there yet” or all the whining and nagging to stop. But fifteen hours in a confined space with anyone induces thoughts of homicide.


Once we got there, we decided to see a show each night. We would also “Ride the Ducks”, visit Silver Dollar City, and spend a day at the water park. This would fill up all three days nicely and we were all looking forward to it. Now we just needed to get going!

bernard69 says:
congrats on yr feature Bill and Happy New Year:)
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
dothoin says:
Hi Bill congrats on the feature is this AH or PH? Ante Hooters or Post Hooters?
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
sarahsan says:
Congrats on being featured today! Well done!
Posted on: Jan 03, 2010
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My girls, Summer 1998
My girls, Summer 1998
photo by: WonderDog