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Jessi and Margo at one of the rides at Wonderland Park, Amarillo, TX

Today we have been invited to breakfast. After that, I’m not sure. I’ve been working on the family tree quite a bit lately. I want to talk to Aunt Murrell to about her parents and grandparents. I also need to get more information on her kids, and her grandkids, and her Great-grandkids. She is actually about to become a Great-Great-Grandmother. Also, Jessi wants to go to Wonderland Park. That is the local amusement park. I think it will end up being me and Jessi. Should be fun. Jessi is feeling much better. I think we have dodged that particular bullet. We have never had a vacation disrupting incident, like this could have been, and God willing, we won’t.


We got a later start than I wanted to today, but it really couldn’t be helped.

Me and Jessi, Wonderland Park, Amarillo, TX
I wanted to make sure that Jessi got plenty of rest and even though a home cooked country breakfast sounded great; I was willing to risk being late to not push it. But as it turned out, Aunt Murrell and her daughter, Wanda Carol, were more than happy to wait for us. They, especially Wanda Carol, were pretty concerned about Jessi. So we arrived mid-morning and were treated to sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits and an Alexander (Aunt Murrel’s maiden name) specialty, chocolate gravy. It’s really just a chocolate sauce. It’s pretty good, but I’m not sure about it being a breakfast food. But, Aunt Murrel’s kids, and Margo’s Mom, Aunts, and Uncles all grew up on it, so it is a staple on their breakfast table.


Wonderland Park was next on the itinerary. Wonderland Park is a small amusement park in Amarillo.

Brush after every meal
It’s no Six Flags, but for Jessi, my teenage daughter, who had been sentenced to first being ill and then having to sit through countless family stories, it was something akin to heaven. We arrived sometime around mid-day, as we lingered and visited after breakfast. The park wasn’t going anywhere. Margo decided to go with Jessi and I. She is not big on amusement parks, but decided that she would go anyway.


One of the first things we did was that the girls rode the Himalaya. This is Wonderland’s incarnate of a standard park ride that puts you in one of a series of  bench-seated cars, and drives the entire line in a tight circle. It builds a lot of centrifugal force and pushes the inside person to squash the outside person. Big fun! I took pictures instead. The park has bumper cars, a Ferris wheel, a nice roller coaster called the Texas Tornado, a Sky Ride, a train, a miniature golf course, and several other rides.

Smile Big! Margo & Jessi on the Wonderland Train
The crowds weren’t bad, and we probably only spent about three hours there, before we had ridden everything we wanted to, and gotten in a round of mini golf.


Afterwards we headed back to Aunt Murrell’s house and told her and Wanda Carol all about the fun we had. Margo and I had decided when we planned this trip that we were going to spend as much time visiting with her family as possible. Wonderland Park was a nice diversion, and more of a reward to Jessi, but you just never know how much longer your elderly relatives will be around. So we visited with Aunt Murrell until dinner time. We ate there and told Aunt Murrell we would have to get her out of the house and out to lunch, as the next day, June 14th, was her actual birthday. So after semi formalizing that, and more visiting, we left and went back to our hotel, the TraveLodge on I-40 East.


It had been an enjoyable day. Kind of restful, when you consider how we normally pack a vacation. We were expecting more of the same tomorrow. Tomorrow would be our last full day in Amarillo. There was still lots to do on this trip.

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Jessi and Margo at one of the ride…
Jessi and Margo at one of the rid…
Me and Jessi, Wonderland Park, Ama…
Me and Jessi, Wonderland Park, Am…
Brush after every meal
Brush after every meal
Smile Big! Margo & Jessi on the Wo…
Smile Big! Margo & Jessi on the W…
Me, smiling big, too
Me, smiling big, too
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