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Jessi on the way to Texas. Not feeling very well, but a real trooper!

June 12, 2004


Well it’s been an interesting start to this vacation. Everything was pretty much on schedule until about 10:30 PM, last night. Then Jessi started complaining about having an abdominal pain. So it was off to the emergency room. 3 ½ hours later I was on my way to Walgreens to pick up an antibiotic and a pain pill. They’re not sure what is wrong, but it’s not appendicitis or kidney stones. They did a CAT scan, took blood, and urine. There were a couple of things out of the ordinary. The urine had a slightly elevated white blood count and some bacteria. Her CAT scan showed a lot of gas in her large intestines.

Aunt Murrel's birthday cake
So the diagnosis was he wasn’t sure. Either gas cramps or a kidney infection. He’s treating for the infection.


We didn’t get to bed until 2:45 AM. Then Margo got up about 4:30, and me a half hour later. No showers. We finished the packing and left to pick up Margo’s Mom. We picked her up and then make a quick stop at Jessi’s boyfriend’s house so she could say goodbye. After all that, we ended up being just about on schedule. Right now we are in Littleton, on I-25 and it’s about 6:35 AM. Mileage, before I forget was 23500. We’re taking Margo’s Impala this year. We haven’t gone on vacation and not rented a car since 1996. I hope nothing goes wrong. It’s a 2003 and has given us no trouble so far.




Very long day yesterday.

Aunt Murrel, the Birthday Girl. I hope my mind is as sharp as her's is when I'm 80!
I was awake for 20 out of the 24 hours yesterday. I didn’t get caught up on the sleep last night either. But, overall, it was a good first day. All of Margo’s family down here is real nice. We are down in Amarillo to celebrate her Grandaunt Murrell’s 80th birthday. I had no idea what to expect as far as the party, or for that matter if there would even be one. But, all of Aunt Murrell’s kids were here. They can all cook and they can eat. All of the food was good, and no one was shy about eating. Not that I can’t hold my own in that department, but for some reason I wasn’t expecting so much, so fast. I mean we pulled in front of Aunt Murrell’s house at about 4:10. Less than two hours later we were sitting down to a genuine feast. Eating and listening to the reminiscing and the banter back forth was the story for the rest of the day. I didn’t do much talking, as I both didn’t have much to add, and didn’t want to get in the way of the “ole times”. But, after I was done eating and everyone else was pretty much still working on theirs, I started taking pictures. That broke the ice for some of the others and they got out their cameras too. I got a decent picture of just about everyone. I got to visit a little after that.

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Jessi on the way to Texas. Not fee…
Jessi on the way to Texas. Not fe…
Aunt Murrels birthday cake
Aunt Murrel's birthday cake
Aunt Murrel, the Birthday Girl. I …
Aunt Murrel, the Birthday Girl. I…
Jessi feeling better, after we got…
Jessi feeling better, after we go…
photo by: fabienuk