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An example of Vietnamese Xmas decorations

Sat in Sai Gon airport the day before Xmas eve with tinsel decorations hanging on the walls and I'm listening to the slowest version of The 12 Days of Xmas known to man.  I love Xmas like you wouldn't believe, from late night shopping to the cards from meeting up with friends and family to a damn good roast potato.  And freezing my butt off is all part of the package.  So sat here in a t-shirt and cropped trousers, choosing a cold drink over a hot chocolate, I'm finding it hard to be in any sort of festive mood, I even watched Nigella Lawson cooking Xmas dinner on TV yesterday, but nothing.  I knew it would be different but there is absolutely no jollyness happening.  Instead it feels like January and they've forgotten to take the decorations down.
A lady in the airport talks on her mobile phone telling whoever it might be that it doesn't feel like Xmas, well aslong as I'm not the only one!
Occasionally I think about what I'd be doing now back in England, maybe last minute wrapping, dropping off cards too late for the post, lying infront of the fire trying to keep warm.  Why did I come out for Xmas?!  Oh yeah...so I could spend New Years Eve in Sydney with my friend.  Xmas is that time of year, I think, that friends and family have the best excuse in the world to get together and enjoy themselves, because it's something you all (I realise there are exceptions) share - and now I'm not at home to enjoy it with them makes me really understand all those miles I am away from home.  I'm grateful that I'll be spending it with my parents in Thailand (I'll Be Dreaming of a White Xmas now plays, I can dream but I certainlywon't be holding my breath!) I've even got a present to open on Xmas morning.  My mom said that at least it will make next Xmas extra special, I bloody hope so, I'll have been waiting 2 years for it.
So as I sit in the airport wondering how a can of coke and a danish pastry cost me 3 pounds(sterling), I know Xmas will come and Xmas will go and I won't have noticed.
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An example of Vietnamese Xmas deco…
An example of Vietnamese Xmas dec…