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Well already my first night in Thailand was a bit off base from my original plan.  Aiming to meet my parents whose flight was due in before mine, I had settled myself into a security blanket thought of ' my parents will be there, I can't go too far wrong'.  But before I had even  left the house for the airport thay had rung to say their flight had been deylayed, fair enough, I'll just wait for them instead.
So after a nice easy saunter through Heathrow airport, an enjoyable flight (thank you Quantas) and finding my bag quite easily, I found myself waiting by baggage claim No. 18 in the hope that the flight from Dubai scheduled to land in 2 1/2 hours would be carring my parents.  No such luck.  10 minutes later I got a phone call on my mobile letting me know they wouldn't be getting into Bangkok until the next day.  Ah says I.  Not actually having any Thai Baht on me and suddenly in the position of independence far sooner than I had expected.  So as panic-y fear was waving at me with a cheeky grin I took a deep breath and put my best foot forward...towards the information desk.  Priorites consisting of money, hotel, taxi.
And it all went surprisingly easy.  Infact, worried was I about finding a place to stop for the night, there were actually several hotels all trying to claim my business.  Sorted.  Especially when what I paid for (around 15 pounds sterling) included a king size bed, a massage and a taxi to and from the hotel.
I was taken to my taxi, the driver put my bag in the boot as I noticed the petrol tank on empty - no worries - we'll be off soon...um...no apparantly not.  5 minutes later, which is a long time when you're staring at little red petrol light, with the car shuddering un easily, I'm willing the driver to get in and drive.  Thankfully the willing worked and we get going, a few minutes later we pass what looks like more of the airport and as I'm wondering how big it really is, I realise we're back to where we started, he's taken me in a big circle.  I know the lady at the desk had said I'd paid for a taxi from the airport and back but I has assumed I would be stopping at the hotel inbetween.  But all is right with the world as when when we pull up another traveller hops in and as we finally make it out the airport I start to relax.  The first thing I do after I'm shown to my room at 10.30 at night is collapse on the bed after a long old day of aeroplanes and airports.
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photo by: Deats