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Jessi is a big James Dean fan

Today was our last real day of the vacation. Tomorrow we will be traveling most of it. We started the day much later than usual. I got up around 9 AM. I showered, got ready, and walked down the road to get breakfast from Burger King. By the time I got back, Margo was up and about. The breakfast got Jessi up. By now it was 10 or so. By noon we were on our way to downtown Racine. We decided to see what their downtown was like and to go down to the harbor and see if anything was going on. There was a Triathlon going on farther up the coast. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but the downtown was dead. We were the only people in most of the stores we went to.

The goat didn't get any ice cream. She fed them goat chow from the dispencer
The stores were not geared to the average tourist. On T-shirt shop, and it only carried a yuppie brand. The were a variety of restaurants, but most were closed. Nothing really got going until late afternoon. At the dock, there was some type of fishing contest going on. It was called Salmon-A-Rama. There was also some type of boat convention going on. All of it seemed to be low budget and under done. It held no interest at all for us. We decided to follow the coast up north to see what was going on at the North Beach area. This was where the Triathlon was going on. But, it didn’t look promising either. So as it was 3 PM, by now, and we needed to eat, we decided to go to Apple Holler, where our dinner show was supposed to eat.


Apple Holler was less than I expected in some areas, dead on for a few, and more with respect to the restaurant.

Jessi feeding the goats at Apple Holler
The food was gone, and heavily weighted towards apples. Their hamburger was made of beef, pork, and apple. I was going to order it, but seeing as how we were supposed to eat again, in four hours. I had soup in a bread bowl. It was still very filling and I ate too much. I also had some local beer call “Fat Squirrel” and fresh apple cider. Both were pretty good. Jessi had chicken fingers that came with baked beans that used apple in them, plus baked apples. It was all good. Towards the middle of the meal a waitress came up to another waitress and told her that “When xxxxxxxxx gets here, their meal is comped.”, and then something else. I didn’t catch much, but I remember thinking, that would be nice to get your dinner for free. We finished up and went to their gift shop. It had the standard food and countyish things. Jessi ended up with a stuffed pig and some other thing. I went out to the yard to look at the animals that they had.
The Goat Bridge at Apple Holler in Sturtvant, Wi. We were supposed to see a play here, but it was canceled. So we ate, shopped and fed the goats. Note the pulley system to send food up top. The goats would then get on the bridge to eat.
Far and away the most interesting was the goat pen. It was actually two pens. The neat part about it was that the two were connected by an overhead bridge that the goats were free to use. To encourage them to use it, they had rigged up a contraption that let you put some food (which you could buy from a vending machine) and transverse it to the top of the bridge. One or more goats would go to the top for a snack. I fed the goats a little and then we left for the hotel. We were going to be back in just a few hours for the play, so we didn’t need to spend a lot of time wandering. I decided to grab a nap. The girls watched a movie and checked their e-mail. When it was time, back we went to Apple Holler.


Remember when I said it would be nice to have your meal comped. Guess what? They were talking about us. It would have been good news, except for the reason. Our show was canceled. One of the actors had gotten in a car accident. This was closing night of that play, so there wasn’t a lot that could be done. We weren’t hungry, so they offered us stuff from the gift shop. Margo got a cook book, and we all got some jelly. I would rather have seen the show, but it didn’t work out that way. We, of course, got a full refund as well. Since we now had an extra $120 to spend, we decided to head to the Mall. But, it was nearly 8 PM, so we figured we wouldn’t have much time. We had a lot less than we thought. The Mall closed at 8 PM on Saturday night. It was at this point I was sure the time machine had malfunctioned the other day at Navy Pier and that we had gone back in time 20 years. Remember that should you go to Wisconsin. But not to worry, across the street was a Barnes & Noble. We all love Barnes & Noble and could spend a couple hours there. We spent an hour and a half, and now we were hungry. We paid for our books and then tried to figure out what to eat. We figured a restaurant with local flavor was out, so we opted for an Olive Garden. That was it for the day. So we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

jessimae says:
Im pretty sure it was that place. I bet mom would remember
Posted on: Apr 30, 2009
bkretzer says:
I think it was, but as I'm not a big Dill Pickle fan, it doesn't stick out. But, that doesn sound familiar.
Posted on: Apr 30, 2009
jessimae says:
Wasnt it at Apple Holler that we had the fried dill pickles?
Posted on: Apr 29, 2009
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Jessi is a big James Dean fan
Jessi is a big James Dean fan
The goat didnt get any ice cream.…
The goat didn't get any ice cream…
Jessi feeding the goats at Apple H…
Jessi feeding the goats at Apple …
The Goat Bridge at Apple Holler in…
The Goat Bridge at Apple Holler i…
photo by: bkretzer