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The head teacher receiving line at the teachers' day prize giving

We had been told to be in school in plenty of time for the start of the Teacher’s Day Prize Giving at 9am.  We put our smartest clothes on expecting the event to require it, but when we turned up nobody appeared to have made such an effort.  Some of the teachers were even wearing tracksuit bottoms!

It really was quite a bizarre experience. It ended up starting at around 9.30am mainly due to the fact that nobody seemed to know what was going on.  Along with the Chinese English teachers, we were somehow ushered into our seats in the assembly hall.

On the stage, a number of men sat behind a long trestle table, with the headmaster in the middle.  I’m not sure who half of these people were, but I’m assuming they were the most senior teachers at the school.

The flowers given to Inga and I

After a rather ear-piercing performance from one of the students, the prize giving began....

Name after name was called out and various teachers went up on stage, filing past the trestle table to collect their certificates.  Nobody seemed to be interested in what was going on....There was no applause, no real ‘ceremony’ to speak of, which seemed odd to me.

Anyhow, finally Inga and I heard our names called out, so we headed towards the stage as we’d been told to do.  We got presented with our certificates by the headmaster but also got the added bonus of a beautiful bunch of flowers each.

We were a little embarrassed at this extra gesture, but grateful all the same.  We were asked if we would sing, but given I still had no real voice to speak of, I politely declined.  Not too sure it went down too well, but the teachers certainly would have regretted asking had I accepted their offer!

It was all over within an hour, so we had the rest of the day to ourselves.  As we were leaving, Linda told us all the teachers got given money for teacher’s day.  She said she would collect ours and give it to us the next day.  Clearly she had a change of heart ��" perhaps the flowers hit a wrong nerve or perhaps the lack of song, but the money never came!

The following day I really wasn’t feeling too good ��" my stomach was pretty dodgy, but I really felt I couldn’t miss school.  I had to give lessons in the afternoon, plus I had an evening class.  It wasn’t a good day for me, but I came home to find a gift in my room from Inga for Teachers’ Day.  She’d bought me a desk lamp, a little rabbit keyring and some biscuits to cheer me up.  It was such a lovely gesture and a real surprise.

I was still feeling ill the following day but again had to give classes so struggled through.  At least I didn’t have an evening class so was able to relax at home after school

Still ill on the Wednesday, but better than the day before.  I managed to get told off by Mr Guo for turning up on-time for my evening lesson as opposed to being early.  I didn’t mention about the stomach issue ��" he doesn’t seem like the type who’d care anyway.

Once I got back home, I was chatting on the phone to Smurf, which prompted me to look at the box of the Ibuprofen I’d been taking for my neck.  I’d been a complete retard and had read the instructions incorrectly, so had been taking double the amount I should have been.  It was no surprise that I had a bad stomach ��" I’d been ODing on painkillers!  At least I now knew what had been causing the problem!!

Thursday brought good news!  We were told we’d have the Friday off in lieu of working the first weekend of September, so Inga and I had no hesitation in deciding we’d head to Beijing for the whole weekend.  I also received my laptop (thanks to Smurf), which I was overjoyed about, as I can use it for teaching.  All the classrooms have multimedia equipment in them, which means I can connect the laptop up and show pictures, movie clips etc etc on a projector! Genius!

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The head teacher receiving line at…
The head teacher receiving line a…
The flowers given to Inga and I
The flowers given to Inga and I
photo by: lizharvey79