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So today I set my alarm early... for 10:30AM... I had to get out to mail a package.  Yesterday I went to the post office before work and had everything to mail; the magazine, snacks, DVD, book and promo CD's so she can see how to put together a portfolio to get a job (she's graduating college in May)... well, I forgot her address.  I asked the person at the counter what time their hours were for saturday and it was 9AM to 1PM... which is an issue as on my day off I usually don't get around to doing anything until 3PM or so.

So yes... I got up early.... pushed snooze for like an hour or so.  Made myself an egg sandwich and sat around just relaxing... gotta love saturday morning cartoons!  I look at my clock and freak out... it's noon! my how time flies!  I was freaking out because I knew today was going to be nice (and this is why I'm writing this blog... I'm sure you don't care about my errands but this could help a prospective traveler who wants to come to the Midwest... and to understand my photographs when I'm wearing shorts in what people think is cold weather)...

But I head to get dressed and grab a pair of jeans, T-shirt and a light sweatshirt (it was 56 degrees F today) because I figured I'd need it.  Well, I was wrong.  I walked outside and immediately got hot... sigh... well, I couldn't turn back. I had to be at the post office in 45 minutes and it's a 3 mile walk... plus stopping at the stop lights, and trampling over the snow mounds that haven't melted yet I was wondering if it was feasible?  So I took the sweatshirt off an put it in the small bag I was carrying everything in.

I head across the street... not really paying attention to the walk and don't walk signs and just trying to dodge traffic.  Luckily people in minnesota are pretty nice to pedestrians so I really didn't have to worry about that.  My next handicap was directly infront of me... a father walking with his 4 year-old son... who was on a kiddie leash... I hate how parents do that... the dad was walking in a straight line... the left hand on the handle and the right hand holding the leash up as if he were trying to direct where his son was going like a puppet master... which wasn't working.  His son was everywhere!!  Zigging here, Zagging there... if he didn't have a leash he would've either ended up in the road or made a straight escape to the Burger King we were passing.  I jump on some rocks and go around them as his father holds his son back!

A couple blocks down I see 2 women walking a dog... who is on a leash... wouldn't it be funny if he wasn't... maybe they could make friends with the father and son and make a swap.  But they were walking slow and leasurely taking up the whole side walk.  Uh... Oh... I see a fence ahead... part of the fence is busted like someone tried to get in or out... I remember this house from the fall... It's a house with 2 large dogs who like to bark.... ruff ruff rufff... they come running out.  The dog the ladies were walking start barking too... I used to think that the dogs busted the fence... but I over heard the one lady tell the other it was from a drunk driver... but to me it didn't look like a car hit it... on because the dent was going out not in and the top bar of the fence, and the sides of that section weren't bowed.... hmmm...

So I finally get to the post office... I have one minute to spare... I walk in the door just as the lady was locking the door so no other patron could come in!  Yay... I made it! 

The whole event reminded me of when I played super mario bros when I was a kid... I was running so the A button was being pushed down as the up arrow was being pushed... and I had to hop over rocks (they could be like cannons) and run from dogs (which would be the koopa troopa's) ha ha ha...

I ended up walking 7 miles today, I made it to Walgreens drug store and got some shampoo and toothpaste, and a bottle of water to quench my thirst.  And I went to the library and got a library  card and asked for some books to be transfered in for me.

But the one aspect that bothered me... well, other than the warm day and me wishing I didn't bring that light sweatshirt and I wish I had shorts on... was when I was walking down the side street to the library and an el camino comes driving by and what do I hear coming out of it... a whistle coming from 2 middle aged hispanic men saying hey hot stuff... come on now, give me a break.  I hated that when I was in Tepic, Mexico and Panama City... I don't want to have to hear it in Bloomington, Minnesota!  Why must people do that... especially middle aged men?  No offense to anybody out there, but if you are one of those people who whistle and say lewd comments stop it... women don't like it!  Augh!


The rest of my day was a lazy day at home... I read a couple chapters in my book, made some homemade macaroni and cheese (no, not the kind from the box, yes I made everything from scratch---well, not the noodles and I didn't churn the cheese... but I hand made it) and some brownies while I was watching Can't Hardly Wait on the TV and now on the computer.  Gosh... I love days I don't have to take the car out of the garage!  =)    {Notice to all... I normally don't bake or cook very well, but I was feeling adventurous}

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photo by: WalterC