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So last night I had the American Cancer society Relay for life until 6AM!!!  Yikes... so I sleep and my alarm goes off at noon... I told Heidi and Barry I'd leave my house for Stanchfield between noon and 1PM!  Well, it didn't start out soo hot.  Since I went to bed so "Late" I turned my phone off... good thing I did as I got 9 Text messages within that time!!!  and then as the texts kept coming in my mom called me as I'm still laying in bed because she couldn't get her GPS unit to find my Aunts house in McKeesRocks, PA... it's a really old town and a really old street. "I think I need a map update," she says.  "HUH... I don't understand.... this is the oldest street in the town it's like 150 years old... how can it not find it"... she was typing in second street rather than 2nd street.

.. I sent her on her way and I hopped in the shower... it was a quarter til 1 at this point. 

I head down to my car and plug in my GPS... wait... low battery?  Huh... I plugged it in but nothing's going on... the green light is lighting up on the charger but it's not charging... Grrr... so I plug it into another charger... the same thing... the charger shows it's getting power but it's not powering up my unit.  On my drive I am going to go past one of the stores I bought it at and I got a service plan on it so I head there as a quick pit stop on the way... by the way I'm already a half hour late leaving.  I pull into the parking lot and I think to myself.  "what if the problem isn't the GPS unit... what if it's the DC outlet in my car?"  Oh the horrors... that would be expensive to fix... so I pray a quick prayer... cross my fingers and plug in my cel phone... score it charges.

I head inside and luckily since they saw I work for the company they don't put me through the hassle of testing the unit out to see if I'm lieing so it's a simple in and out procedure until she processes the exchange wrong because she forgot to ring my employee discount it... sigh...

So my next problem is that my original GPS was like an address book... it had everybody's address in it... including the one I'm going to... grr... so I type in the town and hope I can remember how to get to the house.

The drive up was nice... I drove fast as now I'm about an hour late... I get up and find the house... I did remember where they lived... and knock on the door... it's 4PM... I was expected between 2 and 3.  I walked into the house figuring I'd help make dinner... there wasn't there... I'm confused and starving as I have not been home to go grocery shopping for a while... I had nothing in my house, no milk or OJ, and the only thing to eat was a hard boiled egg... Well, her plan was to go up to the Rib Festival in the neighboring town... but first she wanted to mow the lawn and check out their new riding mower... sigh. I grabbed a glass of Lemonade and hung out on the porch.

We ended up getting to Braham, MN to go to Rib Fest around 5:30PM... my hard boiled egg already through my system.  We got some corn on the cob... some beef patty thingy's and a rack of ribs.  Then we wanted another type of ribs but they wouldn't be done until 6:30PM so we sat on the bench and called up her sister and brother in law and invited them out for some ribs.  While there I got to hear the story about the festival... The Pie Festival, the day before, happens the first Friday of Every August for the past 7 years...this year Heidi won the pie contest that was judged by the Food Network.  They decided to extend it this year to a rib festival on Saturday.  So 2008 is the first annual Rib and Blues Festival.  The festival was about a block long in each direction of the center stage (which was made from semi-trucks) and it was your typical local town festival.

The one thing from living in Pittsburgh is we don't have that many festivals and when we do they span like 10 blocks... they are usually run by churches but there is a Nationality Days Festival which is great because you can try different types of food.  The one thing I noticed about Minnesota is every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor day (the last week in May to the first week in August) there is atleast 2 or 3 festivals to choose from.  This state should be called the Summer Festival state! 

But the evening was enjoyable... I usually don't get to sit and chat and eat... I'm usually doing stuff.  But at 7:30PM Heidi said we should get going... which I was happy about because I was supposed to be in St. Paul to go out with some friends between 9 and 10PM... that would be perfect timing!  And like any good Minnesota goodbye this was not, oh hey... I'm going to go... yeah... at 8:45PM I was still there and we were chatting away. 

Needless to say after we left I just HAD to try some award winning pie... which I'm happy I did because it was delicous!!!  And I arrived to see my friends at 10:45PM.

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