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At Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis for the Walk for Cancer with my employees

So on September 10th or so I packed up my belongings in my little civic (I felt like clair driving from Cali to NYC in the last episode of Six feet Under... she was in a cramped little prius)... but anywho... I actually drove the whole way with only stopping twice... once in South Bend, IN to get gas, food and to pee... and another time on the Illinois and Wisconsin boarder to do the same thing.  I was impressed that I was able to do that because driving from NYC to PGH was always hard because I wanted to fall asleep from driving... but I took some sleeping pills at 8PM the night before so I would crash (because I'm used to going to bed at 2AM.. so I figured it wouldn't be healty driving 14 hours with 4 hours of sleep now would it?) 

But driving the 800 miles or so was sort of scary.

A duck at Lake Nokomis
..  First off it was raining really, really badly... not that wouldn't be so bad, and I've driven in worse, but I needed new tires and didn't think it would be bad to wait.. well needless to say my car felt like a match box car on I-80 in Ohio.  I felt as if I didn't have control over it and it was sort of scary... well, not sort of it was REALLY scary!  (by the way I just got new tires last week and driving in the last major snow fall was such a relief because I felt the control.  So the first 2 snow storms in Minnesota were just as bad as the rain in Ohio)

So far Minnesota is a great place... I know some people in stanchfield, an hour north of the City.  I went up there to hangout and on Christmas day.  It's pretty cool up there.  They have a farm of 488 acres of land with horses and vegetable garden and they also make home made maple syrup.

Jamie and I trying to be strong at the Cancer walk at Lake Nokomis
.. yum yum ... if you see the maple syrup around I would suggest to snag one up (it says Veron Gerdin on the label).  But the syrup is fantastic and tastes really good on my swirly french toast!  While there I went hiking, I gardened by planting tulips and picking up vegetables to take home.  I also got to cross country ski for the first time.  They built a ski track that's 3 miles long and also have a ice skating rink on their property.  every year they also have an olympic games set where there's speed skating, hockey, cross country skiing and the luge.  They usually hold them in the spring but since the snow came early it is probably going to be earlier.

So before I got here I asked for some places to go that were cheap and inexpensive.  I haven't really gotten to do much because I've been working a lot and when I"m not at the store I'm at Corporate office of Best Buy doing trainings.

It's too early for a Charity Walk... let's sleep!
  But there are a couple things that I still want to go see... one is the Sculpture Garden... the other is Pompeii exhibit at the Science Museum ---I'll be going there by the 6th of Jan because that's when it ends--and I remember five11d suggesting to go to Ikea because it's impressive.  So I had an Ikea in Pittsburgh and figured that since it's a Scandanavian store that it started it's roots in the twin cities areas.  Well, I find out from one of the new managers in my store (who used to work at Ikea) that the Pittsburgh Ikea was one of the first ones where the first Ikea was built in Plymouth, PA... I found this out because on the managers first day he said that when Ikea was being built the public thought it was a new Best Buy because of the colors being blue and yellow.
Work Halloween Party
  But I do frequent Ikea a lot, because ironically the only branch of my bank in Pennsylvania (PNC Bank) is in Ikea as a ATM machine... so I go there to get out my money... they are probably wondering who this girl is just going to the ATM and getting out a couple hundred dollars is... but to avoid those ATM fees it's worth it.  Then I always go and get a Hot Dog for .50 cents while I'm there. 

In PA I was always going places and seeing things and it seemed a lot of my friends there have done the same thing.  Here it seems that the people I met don't have as much sense of adventure... except for when it comes to the bar.  They love to drink.  So pretty much my social outings have been to Majors Sports bar in both Apple Valley and Bloomington, Joe Senser's in Bloomington, Applebee's in Burnsville and B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and Old Chicago in Apple Valley.

Old Chicago in Apple Valley for Brett's Birthday
  I also hiked the trails at Ft. Snelling State park, went down to Uptown in downtown Minneapolis, hung out at Bethel College and, of course, been to the Mall of America (considering I can walk there).  I do have to say though the B-dubs is a lot faster with their service than the ones out east... I got my food before the beer and in PA I went there for lunch one day at work and I got my food 10 minutes after I was supposed to be back at work!  Yikes! 

But my favorite day on my outings was going to b-dubs for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild hockey game.  For those of you who don't know Minnesota Hockey they take it very seriously.  Kids are on the leagues (just like in the Mighty Ducks Movies) and they aspire to be pro.  So I go in in my Sid the Kid shirt (Sidney Crosby is the Pens captain) and meet up with my friends in Wilds jerseys where I bet them all that the Pens were going to win.

My employees and I with Santa Clause for his meet and greet with the kids and kids at heart!
.. they took me on the bet!  And guess what... ??  The Pens kicked some Wild BUTT! 


But all in all... I am liking my new life in Minnesota.. I do miss my friends back home... there will always be room in my heart for them.  But this is a good chapter in my story book of life until I figure out what to do next!  So stay tuned for more reviews and a new blog!  =)

pinchora says:
thanx I try to when I get the inspiration!
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
hklasek says:
It's so pretty around Lake Nokomis! I too have ventured to Joe Sensor's. It was to watch Nebraska football when visiting friends in Minneapolis :)
Posted on: May 17, 2008
petrarchanprincess says:
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
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At Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis for…
At Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis fo…
A duck at Lake Nokomis
A duck at Lake Nokomis
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Jamie and I trying to be strong a…
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It's too early for a Charity Walk…
Work Halloween Party
Work Halloween Party
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