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Had our picture taken with the people in the village - I tried to be in character by sticking out my tounge but they are much better at it!
After a very long ride which involved the bus overheating 3 times we arrived in Rotorua where Christian and I would be spending the night before heading to Aukland. Most of the rest of the group was returning to Taupo and then heading to the South Island. We arrived in Rotorua and were instantly greeted by what Rotorua is best known for - the smell of sulfer. This contributes to their large amounts of hot springs and gysers but also results in a not so nice smell. That night we attented a Maouri Hungi (a feast that is made in the earth). The feast occured at the Maouri village outside of town. It began by a ceremony where each bus chose a cheif (which was defined by how much of a real man they are ... aka in New Zealand terms - how good/or how much they like rugby). There then was a ceremony to decide whether the cheifs and thus the visitors came in peace or to fight. After that we could enter the village and explore the different spots they had set up with Maouri people talking about their culture. We then attented a performance with incredible music and dancing followed by a huge meal. The meal was so good. Christian had about three plates and I thought that it was only fair since we payed the same amount but I couldn't even finish my food that I get to take teo plates worth home. However, I think Americans are really the only ones who understand the concept of doggie bags. 
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Had our picture taken with the peo…
Had our picture taken with the pe…
The opening ceremony
The opening ceremony
Visiting within the village
Visiting within the village
photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee