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So this morning Lou turned around and said 'so this is it, it's all over' up to that point the trip home in my head was just flight number 21 of 21 and the next trip but Lou saying that, it just kinda hit me - wow, this trip that's meant so much and where we've covered so much ground and so many different cultures, languages, sights, smells and hundreds of beautiful, friendly people.. is coming to an end...

and so we resolved (again) that although we're going back to normal life we are not going back to 'normal' . We've changed on this trip; we've matured, we've chilled, got a wider perspective, dreamt big, learned a new language and tried out many new things having some adventures along the way...

We want to make good old, familar, safe, comfortable, 'normal' britain an adventure playground again. The UK has so much to offer in terms of opportunity for business, for travel, for self development and our travels round the world, experiencing so much will be a waste if we just come back and reminisce about 10 weeks away rather than using this sabbatical to embrace our future and live each day as a new experience. Looking back at the this Journals summary and what the trip meant - we've achieved everything we wanted and I feel refreshed and prepared for the exciting things ahead....

...and the less exciting things too! - but I've really missed:

- brown bread! in fact the general wide variety of bread we have here
-all the different types of crisps!
- pubs!
- decent chicken and bacon
- a good curry!

.. but it must be said as I sit here in Heathrow looking round I'm going to have to get used to the following all over again:

- litter
- queues
- late airplanes / buses / trains
- miserable people who don't smile at strangers
- the weather - it's never that cold here but it just seems to go through you! and it's sooooo grey!

...but it's home and it's good to be back

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photo by: ulysses