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view from our hotel room
We arrived last night with high hopes of hitting the town and having our first meal of 'foreign things' (actually I thought I would just stick to noodles) but when we arrived at our very funky hotel Ian came over all ill. I think he has a bug, he's been sick, sleeping a lot and generally feels rubbish. Well I am not that brave and didn't fancy a night out on my own having just arrived from calm and peaceful Fiji to this crazy city where nothing is in English - also being incredibly tired myself I just didn't want to try and navigate it alone. So we both went to bed after exploring all the room has to offer:

Integrated Bose sound system in the ceiling, the toilet is electric and has a heated seat (want one of them for home), the bathroom has a long glass window which if you press a switch you can see right through into the bedroom and out to the view of Tokyo city and if you press it again the glass becomes frosted and private again - very cool!, it has a control system next to the bed, one unit which controls everything - air con, all the lights (mood options included), alarm, telephone and allows you to tell housekeeping if you want your room cleaned.
just round the corner from our hotel - this street is the tokyo equivalent of NYC's 5th Avenue
Anyway it's all very compact and very cool.

So we both went to bed and didn't sleep great but Ian seemed to not be so ill and woke up this morning thinking that today is a new day, no more illness we'll get out and enjoy the Tokyo sights together. I was so wrong, Ian still being ill and sick again meant that I was on my own, so I braved it this morning and went out for a look around the area local to our hotel. We are staying in Ginza which is quite a smart area by all accounts, high end shopping and lots of offices around. I left Ian and headed out in search of some money, we'ed had problems getting any out yesterday at the ATM's in the airport.

My feelings so far are that I love it, it's not too hectic, everything is in Japenese but you can still get by, the road signs are pretty clear and with a guidebook it shouldn't be too difficult.
how gold?
In the area that we are staying it's pretty easy too as there are loads of coffee shops and Starbucks and english speaking restaurants if we want to use them so if we get really freaked out we can find a haven for an hour or so.

It's now 10.30 am, shops were not open when I went out at 8.30 am this morning so I think I might pop out again on my own and go crazy with the credit card as Ian won't be with me to stop me!! HEHE!!
lowellequalls says:
Hey, Lou! When do you return to the UK? I hope not for a long, long time. I've really enjoyed the TravBuddy account of your trip, with all the pics. Hope Ian gets to feeling better, soon ... and that you don't max out your cards. Blessings, and Aloha!!
Posted on: Feb 28, 2008
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view from our hotel room
view from our hotel room
just round the corner from our hot…
just round the corner from our ho…
how gold?
how gold?
view from the railway
view from the railway
photo by: maka77