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 › entry 18 of 43 › view all entries's been an awesome month just scratching the surface of this fantastic continent. We leave vowing to come back - probably to really 'do' Argentina and Chile but who knows..

As per the last blog, Santiago has been a lovely surprise ending to our time - beautiful city, friendly people, great food and another great hotel have made the last 2 days a blast. As we sit waiting for our flight (AGAIN - flight here never seem to go on time) we just thought we'd record some random closing thoughts on our travels of the last few weeks:

- New Year's eve has to be spent in South America, or maybe Ecuador specifically - it was insane and so much fun
- Living on a small boat in a small cabin is not a long term option but sailing in the Galapagos was AMAZING
- Surfing is the best sport in the world, no matter where you do it!
- Learning a little bit of Spanish helps sooo much when getting about..... unless you're in Argentina and the speak really really fast and half in Italian!!
- Iguazu Falls in one of the most beautiful places on earth
- People in Argentina say Chileans aren't particularly friendly and it's expensive
- People in Chile say Argentinians aren't particularly friendly and it's expensive
... sound anything like European countries??? :-) To be honest, in our short time in both Capital cities we found the people a delight and didn't spend a fortune seeing everything we wanted to
- Some MOT's on cars might go a long way in stopping polluition!!
- going out to dinner at 11pm each night is fun..(and has a nice vibe as you see families all eating an drinking together rather than in England where you mostly see Chav's throwing up over or punching each other).. that said, it doesn't do much for your digestive system!!
- living in a warm climate makes you happy
- We've loved everything we've done and everywhere we've been. can't wait to come back!!

mm.... sure there'll be some more we'll come up with so may well come back and edit this....

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photo by: Bluetraveler