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The subject of this blog are some of the keys things I've noticed Ecuadorians love!!

for the last two days on the surf wagon we've had absolute quintesential 80's electro rock - and what a cheesefest it was - drum machines, synth's, guitars and van halen solos - the works. The musician in me was weeping as we worked through: 'Foot loose', 'She's a maniac', 'the Heat is on', 'the eye of the tiger' and a dozen other far cheesier, lesser known 'hits'.

I am currently making an iTunes mix of some rock tunes from the last 10 years!

ok, secondly, no one in the whole country eats vegetables! We've asked a few people why and the locals just say 'eagh!' I no like!' - fair enough I suppose but they LOVE rice, potatoes and pasta. It kind of explains why there are so many slightly 'portly' people here

thirdly, you may have not heard of a lada but it is a east european car that was available in the late eighties / early nineties. Growing up my dad loved cheap eastern europian cars - many many skoda's in the main - not great, a bit comical but very cheap. We also had a lada in the mix of many years of skoda's. I have to say the 'lada' has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It was as heavy as a tank but about as protected as a robin reliant, it guzzled gas, had zero acceleration and you could barely steer the thing - and it wasn't even that cheap. it was a happy day when the lada died. I've often wondered since what happened to all the lada's once we had a full European Union and they disappeared from british roads .....

...turns out they all came to Ecuador! Everywhere you look there are these pitiful machines. but somehow they seem to work here - I saw a pickup version today and thought it looked really cool!! Actually many old cars look quite cool - they are well into pimping their ride out here! fully loaded old datsuns, toyotas and of course, lada's are everywhere!

anyway, some useless observations for anyone reading this - nothing else to say except I rather like a life of surfing and learning spanish and Lou likes to sleep! - Manta is treating us well :-)
mickeyd302 says:
There are so many Ladas here. If I was going to stay in Nakhchivan, I was going to buy a little Lada 4x4. They are cheap and fairly easy to work on.
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
euphemy says:
Gotta love those 80's songs. :)
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
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