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8 am. Fresh as a.... Not realy! Didnt get much sleep. To warm and proberly also a lot on my mind.

The Resort Manager(from now on RM) was suppost to be there to meet me... He turns up at 8.45? Fiji time!!!!

He takes me around the resort and explaines all the how's and what's... Then I'm dropped of at my office... No aircon, no fan. Damn:O)

I meet my staff. All indien-fijien. Good guys but they are working very very very slow. My job is to get them moving.

Today I also find out that there are many many things that needs fixing. The last Cheif Engineer left after only 4 days:O) I can see why! And I'm thinking that the 48 hours that are my contract is not going to be enough to cover and I was right. I'm here around 70 hours a week! Also because the supervisor I have working for me calles in sick after only 1 week and after that it was swim og sink!!! The supervisor i no longer here so I'm doing my job, my assistens chiefs and my supervisors job... A bit to much:O)

After a week I'm still swimming. No time to enjoy paradise... Hopefully that will come.

The first week was mostly getting to know my staff and all the rest of the people working here.




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photo by: SheLuvz2Fly