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hola amigos!!!
LaPaz is a breathtaking city, literally it steals big breaths of air from you, LaAlto lays over 13oooft while the actual city is just below.  Between the altitude and pollution one is robed of a healthy gasp of air.  But, LaPaz is a city with stunning backdrops.  The city lies in a basin while LaAlto spills over the hillside from all directions, making a crowded bowl w/the moon valley just south and the snow capped18ooo+ mtns always looking down on the intriguingly strange city of LaPaz.
Bright markets and people take up the street relastate.  Side by side you can have a man in as business suit and a woman with a perfectly placed bowler hat (extra small top hat) on top of two long black braids, n a squat body covered in 3 bell shaped skirts, an alpaca sweater, w/the brightest piece of cloth draped around chest n back carrying anything from a child to animal skins!!  A city trying to be in the present with more in common with the past.  I fell for this city as soon as our over crowded bus from lake Titicaca arrived.
Copacabana, lake T. was a nice resting stop, laid back w/a beach.  Hot days, cold nights w/lightening storms for entertainment.  Went to some floating islands and stayed w/a local family.....always an authentic experience that bears uncomfortable moments followed by the universal language of laughter!!!!
    WOW, way back when, in Peru, we successfully completed our 4 day trek to machu pichu.  A highlight so far, being up in the Andes, camping, relying on your own 2 feet as the only means of transport to get up and down all the passes.  My main companion was a wad of coca leaves wrapped in banana resin stuffed in my cheek.  Producing a terrible flavor, but helping to open the lungs, hydrate and numb the entire inside of my mouth!!Never taking a step w/out the faithful wad, we all have fat cheeks and black mouths in photos!!! But, I swear as do all who live in the Andes, it helps.
W/broken bodies, tired muscles and all the excitement in the world, our arrival through the sungate down to machu was priceless.  No words to explain....we made some  great friendships and have about 300 pictures of ruins to freshen our memories when were gray!!
Many more stops and events have happened in the past wks.  My mind is full, but blanking.  Flew over Nazca lines (y'all can stick to watching a special on the discovery channel, probably cooler and easier to see)  Went sand boarding in sand dunes that make moses lakes SDs look like mole hills that have been ran over by a lawnmower!
We've had many conversations amongst ourselves of what foods we will indulge in when we get home......At least theres enough mangos, bananas, and fresh bread to keep ones taste buds satisfied and bellies full in the mean time:)
2 days ago we climbed to our highest point, 17'oooft the worlds highest ski resort, chakaltaya Bolivia (take that term lightly)  At least whats left of a dying glacier and a rope toe.  ski season isn't open!!
So my friends, wrapping this up, our time has been full and never dull, having my best friend by my side.  Missing many faces and comforts of home(realize your lucky while taking that hot shower)  but i am fighting that silent tick in my head that is saying ahhhhhhhh  no, only 30 more days!!!!

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