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thought it was time to send a quick update.  We are in Pucon Chile, a little town that rivals places such as interlocken Switzerland, or queenstown new zealand, for the reigning adventure sport capital of the world.   Yesterday we hiked a 9000 ft active volcano.  Proved itself to be even more terrifying than the 63 kilometer BIKE ride down the worlds deadliest road in Bolivia
The last 3 n half hours were in snow at a steady pace led by our nazi tour guide.  Switchbacks were extremely necessary with the 80 to 95 percent incline.  It was the one of the hardest things Ive ever done, at times, it seemed,  the only suitable answer was to stop and cry.  But thankfully those urges came in 2 second intervals, and i realized to cry would first make me a terrible baby and second wouldn't help to get me up nor down this damn volcano.  So i carried on, the summit was incredible, a giant angry hole burping up a steady stream of terrible gases.  To be so far above those clouds truly made us feel we were on top of the world.  In many cases people think descending is worse then climbing up, NOT here.  WE slid down on our butts, using our ice pics as breaks.......remember......a couple sentences prior.....80 to 95 percent incline....that answers any speed questions you may have had!!!!  It was a blast, making that terribly scary, painfully hard hike worth it. DOWN the beast in an hour!!!!!
We filled todays hours up by flying through the sky by cable hooked in with carabiners.  Reaching speeds up to 60 mph, hundreds of feet above the ground and over the tree canopy, awesome.  Then we rested our bodies at some hotsprings, life is tough.
Tomorrow we are going white water rafting!!!!!  Chile is emptying our wallets, but we are indulging in these activities @a fraction of the price you would at home.   Plus all these adrenaline rushes should last me for atleast a couple months.
Wednesday we are headed to Bariloche Argentina, a country we are not giving justice to, allowing only 5 days.  Time is always the enemy, plans for coming back and jumping head first into Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia are already in the making!!!
  Spent more days then planned on the coast in Valparaiso, thanks to a dear friend who has been our own personal lonely planet from home!!  The smell of the ocean and energy of the waves gave us a boost that will help us to cram as much possible into this last week. 
Anyway we are still smilin and breathing.......laughing and loving, HOPE YOU ARE TO!!
Peace n love to your hearts
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