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hola amigos,
my address book looks as if it has grown, so those recieving this, its just a travel update.....south america, beautiful, dirty, energetic, south america, peru to be exact.  lucas and i landed in lima new years day to be welcomed by a peruvian family with open arms, we stayed in there casa for 3 noisy nights.  <they spoke no english and my spanish is lousy at that:)  The family lives on the poorer side of town, actually the ghetto. At times i thought maybe the rabbie infested dogs outnumbered the people and the rubish taller than the homes.  I believe all great trips start out hectic and confusing, thats how I know its going to be great, if it was perfect i would question, with saying that this trip is going to be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our nights sleep maxed out at 2 hours a night thanks to the group of peruvians blaring drum n bass until 6am, then it was the roosters followed by the wild running packs of ferrel dogs barking. It was as if we were trying to sleep in the middle of a rave on noahs ark.  <this all brought laughs, for you cant do much else.......
Happy to get out of lima, thankful for the true peruvian experiance our new friends showed us, we were headed to <cuzco, a beautiful old incan city nestled in a valley surrounded by the andies.  We love it here, on our 4th day, i think, and still exploring the cobblestone streets and trying to tackle the spanish menus.  its been a point, pick and pray mentallity with food, nothing mind blowing, but lots thats been good, some thats been questinable.  Thank god i remembered what corazon meant from 10th grade spanish, no beef heart for me, thanks.
The altitude has made everyday movements somewhat of a struggle, a set of stairs feels like the stairstepper after 30 minutes.  We take off tues morning for machu pichu, its a four day trek that will take us to altitudes as high as 14000, im nervous.  but my excitemnet outways any doubt i may have.} Peruvians have big hearts, smiles and begging abilities!!!! Weve explored thousand year old incan ruins and played w children.
so wrappin this sucker up, its been awhile since writing these travel trip messages, hard to explain, never does justice, but hopefully w eachone it will come together.  No complaints about spell check n grammer.... or else im scratchin ya off my list!!!!!!!
Hope the new year  brings peace and laughter, love to you all
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