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Seattle is cold and dark at this time of the year. The sun sets around 4pm, but that is a theoretical time only, as sunbreaks are few and far between with the winter cloud cover. Lydia has reached the limits of snugness that her jackets, scarves, hats and gloves can supply, so there was only one option left to us - to spend our holidays in the Caribbean to soak up the sun in traditional Australian style on the beach. 


The only trick to it was how to see the Caribbean. It would be nice of course to see a few different islands, and we didn't have time to organise transport and accomodation at multiple locations. If only there was some type of pre-organised trip which allows you to travel to islands where you can do your own thing, but then gave you transport and a place to stay.

There is of course, but with one potentially fatal catch - it is a Cruise Ship.


Lydia performed the background checks on the strange American cruise ship culture. We had to know what we were going to get ourselves into. Lydia lurked on CruiseCritics.com to see what the passangers on board our ship, the Crown Princess were worried about. Mostly it was the food. How many lobsters tails would they let you eat? Were they really unlimited? Could you order seven lobster tails? Oh it comes on a seafood platter - no problem you just eat the lobster tail then tell them to take away the platter and bring a new one. One lady was concerned to know if they sold Bud Lite on the trip - her husband would only come on the cruise if they sold Bud Lite, and to her great relief they did. Another lady was concerned that some of the beaches had Europeans on them - did any one know which beaches were European free? Afterall, she had to think of her children.


We flew from Seattle to Chicago to South Carolina to Puerto Rico, where we finally reached the hulking monstrosity of the Crown Princess. Over 110 000 tons, 290 metres long, 36 metres wide and 18 stories tall, the ship held 3150 passengers and 1200 crew, 2654 metric tons of fuel, 2731 metric tons of fresh water and vast numbers of lobster tails. Next stop - the US virgin islands.

Adrian_Liston says:
Live and let live :)
Posted on: May 17, 2008
luvwatersports says:
The things people worry about like the beers and stuff. But how true it is. I thought going on a Disney cruise but my husband said no gambling no beer and lots of rug rats,I'm not going. I found bye the travel channel they do have alcohol. There is also places for adults to go so they aren't bye children screaming. Now if you have some other info please feel free to let me know. As far as topless chicks go.... Well I guess if children aren't use to it and raised in a strick family enviroment then the moms will flip. We went to South Beach MIA and they were topless, a few. My hubby and I just laughed. Our son didn't see them but I wouldn't said well just don't look, honey. I mean come on. Our son needs something to look forward to when he grows up...hahahahah
Posted on: May 16, 2008
alicegourmet says:
That's very interesting...some people will look for some place without European? C'mon, there's over protection and it's not very healthy to the kids at all. Good to know that the site has lots of info. I'm still very sceptical about the cruise!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2008
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