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comfortable room at a very modern stylish hotel...
@ 07h20 [7:20am] - London Stansted Airport

Ok! I know I got up at 4:30am, but I’m not really in a bad mood!!! Nevertheless from my few hours experience here in Standsted, I can’t say anything nice about the local hospitality and, let’s say, British humour… only spoke with 4 guys here and 2 of them were particularly unkind a third fond it really hard to understand me and the last one, younger and more nice just gave me a completely useless information!!! The problem seem to be with attitude and apparently got nothing to do with foreigners, has the lady who went before me at the information desk point, who seemed to me very British, got the same treatment! The lady at the information desk even manage to say “good morning” in the beginning and “thank you” at the end of each attendance, but with a tone and rough speech that you don’t dare to put any more questions ;-)

The arrival here, late at night, didn’t went as wanted, as my bag arrived a little too broken! But at 1:00am with the need to wake at 4.30am and the hotel already paid for, you don’t have much time to go complain about a broken bag, lucky them!!!

By that time we need to check-in at the hotel, directly connect to the airport, but to fulfilled my partner wish to sleep this night, didn’t have many alternatives, so we stay at a 4 star Radisson SAS hotel, everything booked up on internet, seemed to be ok, wasn’t for the fact that we had to pay an extra 20 Pound because one of us wasn’t a child!!!! I know I’ve booked for 2 and then changed to 3 persons, but already checked all my mails and in anyone of them I’ve ever said something about any child!!! Also checked and they really did mention the 3 of us would pay the same as the 2 booked before. I’ve the mails to testify for it!!! Anyway you can’t argue a lot at this time of night… at least the lady at the desk was cute and nice… no! not an exception to what I said before…she didn’t look British, neither her name :-D

Spend the night in a crowded room with two other guys… not quite used to it, since my army days!!! But a nice comfortable room at a very modern stylish hotel with free internet access… at that late I still went to check my mail!!!

So, here am I sitting by a publicity board looking through the glassy wall of the Airport façade seeing the reddish dawn of day (that we also call Aurora ;-)… which means I’m facing east or something east!

Time to head for check-in for the Norwegian flight! Surprisingly our flight appears at the information board but without a check-in desk number. So we and some people wait there for it to show up… time passes and I start to wonder why the hell it never come out. Decided to take a walk and start looking for some check-in desk with the Norwegian logo on it… when I got closer to the two ones that have that logo the lady in one of the desks started to ask the people on a huge cue line to place themselves on the other 2 desks on side (which had the logo of some German airline)… it seemed that a lot of people already knew about that lack of info at the board, cause they were already on the cue to a check-in desk that said Bergen!!! Ok, we were heading to Tromsø, that’s in the same country, and the check-in desk was from the German Wings (or something like that didn’t write it back then), that’s in the same continent, no problem… after all when we were already in line, after some time, it finally appears in the information board the number of the check-in desk to Tromsø!!! Yeah… and bingo it went on the 23, a good number that stands for a closed check-in desk!!!! They really took their time to un-update the information :-D

Ok, let’s take-off our shoes and get to the plane… I must remember this - always try to avoid English airports, especially when wearing trekking boots, like I did, really annoying :-(

Ferreira says:
yes, at least the flights all went on scheduled!!!
and that's wonderful :-) specially on the way out ;-)
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
kristinasub says:
uf, sometimes i am really worried when i have transfer flights ... please don't scare me more ... but really yo unever know when and where something weird can happen, lost or broken baggage, problem with info board or problem with language ...i had situation when i have been asked on very bad english in non-english country "do you speek english" - you can't imagine how it sound , specially conversation (sorry, that person tried to speak english) before ... so , you can say at the end you passed quite good :o)
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
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comfortable room at a very modern …
comfortable room at a very modern…
photo by: vvicy1