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JV's father; JV saying cheese; and guess who else...

@ 19h20 [7:20pm] - at the Airport

Just arrived at the airport a few minutes ago! Waiting for JV and his father... I get a little tense… the last few days went running, meaning I was the one running to do all the late stuff, even though today was a completely stressful one!!! Trying to get all the stuff I had in two “little” bags! Yes, in the last days I realised that the bags definitely got shorter from the last time I used them ;-) but today they suddenly got minuscule :-(

Maybe I exaggerated on cloths, normally I wouldn’t, but this time I didn’t wanna get caught on cold!!! But guess that’s not the problem… maybe the problem is that one of the bags is almost filled up with photo and video equipment :-D and some food :-D so, I had to leave behind my second all-weather-coat (how can I call it) and my robe (or bathrobe, don't know the right word)! This means that I’ll wear the same outfit all the time and will walk around the bedroom with my pyjama :-D about the pyjama (or pajama) and for those of you that get curious on cloths instead of photo equipment, I have to reveal something too ;-) did you know that a few days ago I fond this nice sports pyjama that says in big letters “polar life adventure” with the words “geographic expedition” below, so, what have you done? I really had to buy this one… LOL

Now I’m feeling hot, must have something to do with arriving here with warm and heavy trekking boots and a warm coat, also heavy due to all the stuff that I filled its pockets with, because I haven’t got any more room in the bags :-D


@ 22h00 [10:00pm] - at Ryanair Airplane

Sitting at the airplane on my way to London, never been to England, so my first time will be just on transit to another country! I’m on one of those lowcost flights by Ryanair that give us the chance to get to a main European Hub and fly cheaper everywhere else - actually it’s cheaper to go through London, even south, than taking a direct flight from Lisbon!!!

Just put on my mp3 player , and it started playing this song called “de L’air” which suits just fine for some flying :-D soon start writing some stuff cause flying at night don’t have much interest unless you’re a good sleeper… all you can do is watch the nice looking air hostesses (Irish or English I guess, but anywhere you go they all look nice, don’t they? :-) besides that you got one half of the plane asleep some air-stressed and the rest reading or talking to avoid being air-stressed!

Start writing about how I almost got pissed off at the airport for them keeping my body-deospray!!! an almost new can of it, a little can but I forgot it was a 150ml can!!! And one keeps forgetting that inside a can of spray there’s a liquid on it!!! Damn :-(

Anyway, as a confidence, when I bag it up I knew this might happen, so I took the chance and loose, but I’m still good in predicting things, hum! Ain’t I ? ;-)

Looking at a guy messing around the bags compartment and pushing aside my little plastic bag (which has got the tickets and all my travel plans on it)… got to keep an eye on that fellow and the bag, or I might be going on my feet to Norway ;-D

Because this a lowcost flight you don’t get a seat number, even though and also being the last ones to enter the plane we manage to get us a 3 seats together right at the emergency exit, which is nice, not cause you’re the first to get out of the plane if needed, but because you get more space for your legs :-)

Also at this lowcosts you get some entertainment! I didn’t hear through the loudspeakers quite well, because I got my earphones, but figured they were setting some kind of lottery… Yeh! I think it was it, now the blondie hostess is passing with her hand on the air with some scratchcards to sell, air travelling is getting sophisticated :-D

I was still writing the last sentence when I heard on the loudspeaker something and a guy get up and pick his prize… a airplane ticket… but not just any airplane ticket… I heard it was a return ticket… for those not so familiar with Ryanair, their tickets are mainly the cost of the one-way… I mean the one you go out, cause the usual price for the return ticket is one euro-cent or one penny (fees and taxes not included), so the guy got one hell of a prize, if you know what I mean :-D

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JVs father; JV saying cheese;
JV's father; JV saying cheese; a…
I miss those glasses!
will only l…
I miss those glasses! will only …
the road from Porto to London
the "road" from Porto to London
this sure saved a lot of paper ;-)
this sure saved a lot of paper ;-)
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sleeping at a…
that's what I call: sleeping at …
photo by: alexandra_h