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I take a look at my calendar and checked,… it’s really 12 November,… it has been almost 2 months since I looked back, for what was the last years and realized I have to get alive, again, and with a new age stage to face upon!

The only particular note about this day, was the fact that I bought this new notebook, a travel notebook on which I intended to write my impressions and thoughts about my journey to be! A travel notebook to remember me of my adventures and misadventures! Would be my travel chronicles!!!

A journey scheduled to start about a month from this day on the 8th December (actually on the evening of the 7th but I’ll get to my target destination only in afternoon of the 8th) and on which, I believed at this point, I would be all by myself, something that promise to be a journey in the journey itself!

Also the destination chosen, for this lonesome adventure, wasn’t much the kind of destination most people would even consider to go nearby at this time of year – a journey into the Norwegian Arctic in the middle of the polar night season!!!

I guess you have to be some kind of fool to consider this one hell of a great holiday! Well, you can call me crazy… and some did :-)

On the many invitations I made, to friends and work buddies, the best I could get was some maybes that soon went to can’t do it now, sorry!

Well, the plane’s tickets already booked and bought since late September, so that settles things quite easy, Tromsø, here I come!!!

Ah! And, what for, you might ask!

Only to see (or try to see) the Aurora Borealis – or Northern Lights as they call it in northern countries! Again, call me crazy… again, some did :-)

[Just a piece of advice, if you are planning to go this far north, and you don’t want to be taken by crazy, it’s easy… just say you are going to Santa’s homeland, everyone seam to consider this as a normal and reasonable explanation!!! :-) ]
kristinasub says:
I think that many of us are very happy because you were so "crazy" , on the other way how we could see this beauty you shown us :o) i enjoy in your blog :o)
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
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photo by: alexandra_h