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French Market. Not the best photo in the world, especially with my finger in the way, but you get the general impression - the sun was out!

In the same, random way that a day in a hostel in Wales, listening to the rain, had turned out to be the best idea in the world - drive home ignored - A spur of the moment shopping trip to Oxford transported me to France on holiday for the afternoon.  I love life, especially when it turns out like that!

Today was as unseasonably sunny and warm as yesterday was bleak and cold.  Kate - who will henceforth be refered to as Monty, because she routinely addresses me by surname - and I had announced we were going to Bristol to get drunk, but neither of us felt like it.  Instead, we decided to go to Oxford for the day.  Better idea by far.

Tiny bar round the side of the King's Head/ Arms/ Something like that, the most pub-like pub ever.
  When we got off the park and ride bus, in the bright sunlight, almost the first thing we stumbled on (after an Indie Bagpiper, natch - this is why why people should come to the UK!) was a French Market.  A real one.  I got to practice my French.  It turns out that it has got muddled in my head with my Spanish and my Dutch, so it took a while for me to pull together a fluent "un pain au chocolate sil vous plait" from the depths of my memory, but eventually "la paella, c'est pres quand?" emerged with an English accent you could cut with a knife, but enough fluency for the guy to know what I meant.

Yes.  I know.  I was in Oxford.  English would have worked.  But where's the fun in that? Anyway, croissant lady started it - she spoke French to me, and suddenly, it was fun to play along. 

Kate and I also went to the pub - half a Deuchers for me, and a coke for her - in the most pub-like pub ever.  It looks exactly like what a pub ought to look like.  And it had Deuchers.  Yay!  It's called the King's something - the King's arms, or head, or something.  You should all go.

The day was warm, and sunny, and I got free samples of saucisson sec, a bowl of paella for £3, and some amazing strawberries that smell like summer.  It was exactly like being in France.  Except without the having to fly part.  Wonderful. 

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French Market.  Not the best photo…
French Market. Not the best phot…
Tiny bar round the side of the Kin…
Tiny bar round the side of the Ki…
photo by: petit_gooroo