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Banksy rat

Today I went to London to see the Seduced exhibition in the Barbican art centre.  I'm not going into depth about the exhibition here - family website and all - but it's basically bits and bobs from the secret collection of the British Museum, and some more recent works of art, that are surfing the fine line between Art with a capital A and ... not to put to fine a point on it... porn.  All very respectable, of course.  Otherwise I wouldn't go.  You knew that, right?  The Barbican is a big, big centre, and I think the last time I went there may have been for GCSE drama (that's sophamore Highschool, I think?  16 years old?).  Or possibly some design technology thing.

My Little Orange Car
  I wanted to go to Seduced because there was an interesting write up in the Guardian, newspaper of bleeding hearts liberals across the UK, and because it seemed like an interesting idea, and I wanted to know how they were going to manage to present it all as educational!

The journey there was a bit on the epic side.  It always is, actually - the rubbishness of the rail services to the marsh where my parents live necessitates driving to a station, and I always drive the hour drive into Harold Wood rather than the twenty minutes to Woodham because there is more than one train an afternoon to Harold Wood and it's literally a fifth of the price, with the added bonus that I am reasonably sure my car will be in one piece when I return.  It was even worse today, because there was freezing fog on the A12 and Liverpool Station was shut, so it was a three tube train journey.  Luckily, Mr Excellent Station Guy had shown a high level of initiative and was actually helping people figure out what to do.  Yay for Mr Station Guy! 

I made it to the Barbican, and saw round the exhibition.  It was very interesting, in both senses of the word - it was interesting, and [dramatic pause] er... interesting!  Nuff said.  erh'm.

A friend had phoned me whilst I was looking at some Picasso sketches of... erh'm... things, and I had to dive to shut the phone off in an embarrassed way, so I returned her call and found a banksy rat on a wall, which was quite exciting.  Then I had to get home.  Only two tubes home this time, coz I got on at a different station, and then an hours drive in freezing fog in the dark.  Woot.  But I got home in one piece,  in time for dinner, and to start on the christmas cheer with my mum.

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Banksy rat
Banksy rat
My Little Orange Car
My Little Orange Car
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