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Crispy Fried Duck, you may remember, is the plastic bath-duck that I gained custody of when I split up from a guy I was dating.  He and I are still good friends, and still perfectly capable of having a straight faced row about custody, visiting and duck support in a restaurant. It's rare that anyone shares my sense of humour, and a big part of how we stayed friends!  He and I were talking the other night, and he said something that stung me to my core.

"it must suck, though, being Crispy.  You only ever see the same things all the time, and your face is all smiley so no-one would know you were sad."

well, initially, I took this as an afront to my parenting skills. But on mature reflection I thought, well, how often does Crispy get to leave the bathroom?  And so when I decided to go to Dorset for the day, I took him with me.

The house associated with the Mayor of Casterbridge

I went to Dorset because I'd never been, and it didn't look far on teh map.  It was not as close as it looks - there weren't any main  roads - so it took me two and a bit hours to get as far as Dorchester and I thought I'd stop for a look.  Dorchester, if anyone else had to sit through Thomas HHardy for English Literature - is Casterbridge, and affords lots of opportunities for playing "I wonder if that is the hotel where that Scottish bloke, damn, what was his name? - first stayed when he arrived in chapter whatever?"

What? It's ten years since I did English Literature.  I can't remember everything.

Dorchester is pretty, and aside from the Waitrose it's pretty easy to imagine what it must have looked like all those years ago.  Pretty much the same; a lot of the buildings seem well preserved, built in a soft coloured stone, and the high street is pedestrianised.  There are a couple of museums - including one dedicated to Tutankhamun, which begs a few questions abut how that got to be in Dorchester, and some Roman Ruins.  It also has an extremely nice Cornish Pasty shop up Antelope Walk, which has more flavours of pastie than I thought possible, including, thankfully, traditional pasty flavoured pasty.  Crispy and I took some photos and then headed for the coast. 

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The house associated with the Mayo…
The house associated with the May…
Corn Exchange
Corn Exchange
Crispy Fried
Crispy Fried
photo by: Vikram