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Me. Cool as ever. Fine line between cool and stupid though...

Allie took the day off writing up her thesis on shining lasers at RNA to take me to the coast beyond Liverpool to see the Anthony Gormley art work, Another Place.  Dozens of statues of men, slightly smaller than life size, that is to say, about the same height as me, stand on little plinths in the sand.  The tide covers the ones furthest out, and as the sand shifts, some of them are buried to their knees and some stand on their plinths in the ocean.  And all of them, seaweed decked and barnacled, or still smooth bronze, stare out to see.  It would be unbelievably poetic, an expression of all sorts of longings, of us as an Island Nation, if it wasn’t for… The seagull!  You could still see poetry with the children, there would still be metaphor if all you had to ignore was the big wet Labrador, but there is something about a seagull sitting on a man’s head that just looks unbelievably comical.  Sorry!

I might have mentioned that I grew up in Scotland, and was six or seven before I realised that ice-cream went with summer and that normal people ate picnics outdoors, not in the back of their parents’ car.

  This explains why I got so overexcited at the sight of the ice-cream van that I had to buy a Feast (notes for non-Brits ��" it’s chocolate with nuts on, and very good).  The photo shows me being unbelievably cool, and cold, and demonstrates the fine line between eccentric and bloody stupid quite nicely, I think. 


Then Allie and I decided that the best thing to do would not be to go back to her complicatedology thesis, but to go for a pub lunch. I parked the car at her house, where it would be safe and I didn’t have to move it, and we went to the (Hydes, possibly?) pub in the centre of Bury.


Bury.  Not as bad as people make out.

there is just something funny about a statue with a seagull on its head
  Really quite nice, in fact.  We had a lovely lunch, and I had a sort of lager called Crystal that was smoother and more ale-like than most lagers are, and which I would definitely recommend.  Then we went back home, in my case via New Look for some new tights, and I went back into the city centre to meet my friend Matt.


So Matt and I decided to go out dancing, and he knew a place that last time he had gone had live music and was really good.  And you can go straight out there on the Magic Bus. 


The music was dreadful that night – it just went untz untz untz DAdaDAdaDada untz untz all night.  But it was hilariously funny.  We drank shots and laughed our heads off at the people who were taking it seriously.  At one point the DJ just started making stuff up, we swear.  Very, very funny. 


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Me.  Cool as ever.  Fine line betw…
Me. Cool as ever. Fine line bet…
there is just something funny abou…
there is just something funny abo…
Another Place, by Anthony Gormley
Another Place, by Anthony Gormley
allie - hard to be mature when you…
allie - hard to be mature when yo…
photo by: monkeymia79