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The British Museum

The day after the meet up, I wasn't too hungover at all.  This was a bit of a relief, and I can only assume it was thanks to all the fruit in the cocktails! Poor Ruby had some exams to do, and Hannah left midmorning, but I wandered about the flat trying to work out if I had phoned any of my exboyfriends and flicking through a magazine.  Then Ruby and her friend came in.  Ruby was trying to revise for her exam, and I realised that if I hung out, I would be the most annoying person in the world.  So I decided to go and see what I could find to do, preferably for free because there would be a horrible shock when I next checked my bank balance.  So, I told myself, in my firmest tone of voice, no Topshop for you! 

So that's how I ended up in the British Museum.  There were some special exhibitions of prints, and the phenomenally disapointing elgin marbles - there's a huge fuss about whether the UK should give them back to Greece, but some bloke from the Venician army stole all their heads in the 1700s anyway and all the heads are in Copenhagen, so I'm really not sure what there is to see.  I mean, what's left is amazing, I'm sure, but findamentally, it's half a tummy of a bloke and three quarters of a centaur per frieze.  The prints were good, though, and there are even a couple of Picassos right at the very top.

Then it was time to go back to see how Ruby got on in her exam, and a pigeon had an upset stomach all over me.  I mean, really, really all over me.  All over my bag, my coat, my hair, a bit of my forehead - it was unbelievable.  It must have been the king of all the pigeon people.  I'm not even exaggerating.  And the guy in Sainsbury's, where I stopped to buy some babywipes to clean myself up a bit, insisted on telling me all about how contaminated pigeon poop is and how acidic it is.  Very slowly.  By the time I got to the toilets in Burger King I was convinced I would contract some horrible pigeon related disease.  But I seem OK so far! 

All of us were very tired, so we shared a microwave meal and chilled out.

sarahelaine says:
just stop!!!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
Psittacosis(also known as ornithosis or parrot fever),Cryptococcosis, or Histoplasmosis?
Posted on: Feb 07, 2008
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The British Museum
The British Museum
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