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Arriving at Punta del Este!

After oversleeping Friday morning and missing my bus, I packed up quickly, checked out, and walked to the Bus station.

Buying the ticket was pretty easy; getting on the right bus was a little more difficult.  But hey, I'm a smart guy so eventually figured it out.

I pretty much slept the entire 2 hour journey to Punta del Este, missing the scenery, but I needed some rest - both for recovery purposes as well as preparatory purposes.  Life in Punta del Este, from what I had heard, can get pretty crazy this time of year.

Arriving in Punta del Este (which, from now on, I am now going to refer to as either PDE or Punta), I checked into the 1949 Hostel.  Seeing the tight "bunk" quarters and tiny shared bathrooms, I quickly decided this place was not for me.

The famous hand emerging from the sand. (My "friend" is the girlfriend of a guy who asked me to take his picture - then I asked to borrow his girlfriend for a pic).
  (Though the rumors are true - the receptionist is damn cute.)  So even though I had reserved an entire 4-person room for myself, I did not apparently have the private bathroom I thought I had reserved.   And my "private" room was going to become public after Christmas, as I wasn't able to buy it out during that period.  Thus, I quickly set out to find another hotel - and found one with availability much to my surprise - Hotel Principe - and made a reservation for the rest of my time in Punta del Este. 

Once the accommodation fiasco was settled, I naturally decided it was time for a beer.  I stopped at a beach side cafe, where I soon found myself chatting with the staff - Rocio y Felipe.  Rocio gave me some ideas on where the hotspots are in PDE - namely an area called El Puerto.  I told my new friends I would be back a few times over the course of the next 2 weeks, and hell we might even go out together, who knows.

That night I headed down to El Puerto.  I again treated myself to a nice dinner - this time at Soho - or in my case maybe I should call it "Solo".  After dinner I ventured next door to the famous (or infamous) Moby Dick for drinks.  Valeria was nice to serve me and keep me company while I sat alone and people watched.  Valeria is studying to be a lawyer, but is working currently at Moby Dick during the peak season to earn money to pay for school and her house.  She introduced me to an interersting drink called capiroska - which is essentially a capirinha made with vodka.  Good.  Though I prefer the traditional version. 

I had eaten dinner about 10pm, and had arrived at Moby Dick at 11pm.  Amazingly, the crowd didnĀ“t really show up til 1am.  Or even 2am.  And then it was jam packed with drinkers, dancers, talkers, eaters, and smokers until at least 5am.  I met a few more people during the course of the evening - the most exciting of which was Tamlyn from South Africa, and her driver/escort/dude who's name I didn't catch.  We discovered Tamlyn likes polo and tequila.   

Well 5am turned into 6am, and I finally got home at day break.  This will be a theme through my trip.  again.  I slept for a few hours, then checked out of the 1949 Hostel and headed to Hotel Principe where I would set up camp for the rest of my stay.

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Arriving at Punta del Este!
Arriving at Punta del Este!
The famous hand emerging from the …
The famous hand emerging from the…
Punta del Este
photo by: mikevirgo0824