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Today I took a walk up La Brava beach.  Walked past a few nightclubs right on the beach that I had heard about (one was Ocean Bar) - but I never had the opportunity to go.  Well, strike that.  I had plenty of opportunities to go, had I not been hanging out at Moby Dick.  But being alone, Moby Dick was just a place where I could go now and feel comfortable and talk to people - rather than go to some strange new disco.

On the way home, I randomly ran into Valeria.  This was quite a pleasant surprise.  She was very tired because she had worked all night and was STILL trying to get home.  I took her to lunch and then walked her to the bus stop.  She was going to bus home to Maldonado, sleep for a few hours, and then return to work at Moby Dick later that evening.  Wow, what a schedule.  Over lunch she told me a lot about her life.  I gave her my email and so... Valeria, if you are reading this, you'd better email me please! I want to hear how things are going!! :-)

Tonight I had plans to meet Felipe #2 and Nikolas at Moby Dick and go to La Barra.

However the guys didn't show up.  Bummer.

So I got a taxi and went out to La Barra myself - about a 450 peso cab fare.  $20 US.

The streets of La Barra were jam packed with cars, people, and bars.  Could be a great time, however arriving alone was a bit of a buzzkill.  I tried to make the most of it anyway.  My first stop was the famous club "Tequila" - known for being impossible to get in to.  I decided to give it a try.  Needless to say - no way Jose.  The dude out front basically handpicks people from line - usually people he knows, pretty girls, or the guy who just parked his yellow ferrari out front.  I didn't qualify in any of those three categories, so after 20 minutes, I bailed.

I headed next to the Santa Barbara club.  This had just opened apparently.  And what wierd logistics - first you have to wait in line to buy a "ticket" for a drink.  Then you have to wait in line to give your ticket to the bartender.  What a mess.  The club was pretty expansive, though, with a nice courtyard and good music.  However, even after an hour or two, the club never seemed to reach critical mass.  So I ventured onward.  

The next place I visited was more of a bar than a club - though it was pumping out the house music.  I squeezed my way through the front and headed upstairs.  There I met a group of young kids - one of the guys was thrilled when I said I worked at EA.  I bought them beers which they pounded with enthusiasm.  I soon left though.  Decided to call it a night.

Outside the street was packed with people - some of whom waiting for a cab back to PDE.  I chatted with a few and ended up sharing a cab back to PDE.  Well, when I say "share" - I mean the 4 of us took the cab together.  But somehow I ended up paying the 450 pesos again.  Oh well - it was worth it to me to say "Yeah, I checked out La Barra". 

In summary, I have a bit of regret about La Barra at night.  I wish I had been able to visit it with friends and not solo.  The clubs / scene would have been a lot more fun.  It's definitely a happening place - even though it's a little hard to get to.  

Stay tuned for La Barra in daytime... 

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