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July 23,


Woke up, got out of bed. Dragged a comb across my head. Grabbed some lunch and hit the beach; every girl was out of reach. Found my way back to school and had a bath and looking up I noticed it was late. Time for dinner.


Nine of us went out together �" a Canuck, Yank, Swede, Dane, Dutch, Deutsch, Limey, Wop and a Mexican. Talk about the endless bar joke! Dinner was as fun and multi-cultural as imaginable. The after dinner drinks served to further lubricate conversations. It really does not get much better than this. I came back with Sabina, she was tired so I tucked her in and went off to join the nightly bull session. Nothing is more mind expanding than a bunch of bright young characters from differing backgrounds and origins positing their views of existence. The usual lead raconteur in these sessions was a lumbering amicable Netherlander named Mark. Mark was a gregarious social animal who was hard at work planning out his future. He intended to go into tourism, specializing in town promotion. He was very proud of his origin and conveyed the wonderment of Edam, or Gouda, or wherever the hell he was from with enthusiastic abandon. Everybody hung on his words and stories. Mark was probably the best ambassador Holland has ever produced. There was no doubt in anybody’s mind who were regular attendees of mark’s sessions that he would go far. He was very popular with the girls; especially Vibeka �" an apple cheeked Dane who was the possessor of an extraordinarily cheery disposition. Vibeka was notorious for constantly being on a diet �" between bites. Another regular member of the Mark group was Eva �" an absolutely stunning 18-year-old Swedish knockout. She was an only child who came across as being selfish and immature. But her behaviour was most likely a studied act as much as the other half of her personality was �" a charming sophisticated debutant with the innocence of a snake. One must not forget Mats �" another Swede with the physique of a brick shithouse and the blond Nordic chiseled face of a Borje Salming, the famous Toronto Maple Leaf star, before he had his puss hacked up by a skate.  Swoon City. Quiet and young, this jock was Stockholm’s answer to L’il Abner. He and Eva should be forced to mate �" for the good of humanity. Hmmm, maybe Hitler didn’t have such a bad idea �" he just took the mechanics a bit too far. All said, these Blond eyed Blue Haired Aryan types can make one feel somewhat inferior on a purely racial basis; or shall I say a pure racial basis? But sometimes they seem more like prototypes than people; sort of like next year’s cars in this year’s showrooms. But in reality, they are quite human under their bronzed, zitless, taut, muscled, flawless glistening skin.

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photo by: Marina2710