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The party was great!!! I was totally drunk.

Actually, we slept till late and woke up like around 12:00 noon. I can't really remember every details but I know I was drunk and threw up. (so shamed.....) All I could remember is I have drank many glasses of Champagne and I was ok until I've taken an unknown shooter given by a frd of Doris. It was really strong and I almost lost my mind right after it. I even can't recall my memory since then.

Anyway, we were chilled at home for the whole day. Was just went out for a quick bite downstairs around the corner of Ophe's apartment. It is a Portuguese restaurant. It's very ocalized and the food taste good. u know wat? Portuguese food in Macau differs from that in Portugal. The local Portuguese and Macanese cuisine evolved over centuries as traditional Portuguese home cooking borrowed techniques and ingredients from local kitchens, as well as from the cuisines found along the journey from Europe to Asia.  Well, foods are good. Not too greasy and easy to eat.

We tried African chicken, which is unique to Macau and is not traditionally found in Portugal.  Different styles and flavors from around the world are mixed when making African chicken, and each restaurant has its own secret recipe. The standard recipe calls for brushing the chicken with a sauce made of garlic, peppers, white wine and vanilla. After the chicken is baked, the juices are mixed with the sauce and drizzled over top of the chicken. Its zesty and sweet taste has made this dish a favorite of locals and visitors for hundreds of years.  If you enjoy chicken dishes, also try the Portuguese chicken.  It's served in large portions, made with many spices, and cooked in many steps. The sauce is aromatic and not too spicy and it goes great with rice/ bread. The chicken is tender and flavorful and melts in your mouth.

We stayed home till Ophe back from work around 7pm. She has another party at Macau Tower. So, she get change quickly and we went to dine at Imperial Court in MGM (Yes, MGM again!!!). The Chef: Chow Chung came and stopped by our table juz chatting with Ophe for a while. Then, he was handling our menu. We have eaten his signature dish "Shark Fin in Papaya". It was sooooo great!!! Guess it might gonna be one of the signature dish at MGM (Imperial Court) soon. 

As we all are really exhausted and tired. Went back home right straight after the dinner and I of course fell asleep at the sofa (like wat I usually do at home) with the TV on.



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