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So there's this girl, Shelly, american, who tries to live with 10 french people. She's good friends with Yassine, our french friend that she stayed with for some weeks in August. She found this awesome pad downtown where the parties are often thrown.

Her beautiful friend, Laura, stops by to visit from Montpellier, and somehow I captivate her. From hours of speaking in French at the hookah bar, she looks at me with these big green eyes. I loved her nose piercing, her delayed reactions, her laugh. Lord send me back. I can't even imagine what she saw in me. Somehow, when she looked at me I became the best looking guy in the room. Pierre even remarked it.

She's only in for the week, but we spend time together where we can. At the end of the week there's a big party at Shelly's. I bring my roommate and a cousin of the family I'm staying with, and everyone is there. They keep the pastise in the bare room with all the alcohol. Pastise and I are like old show-business buddies. I mingle with the French people, some blokes from a private school studying computer science, and suddenly we're all drawn upstairs like a flood.

Laura has picked up the guitar and is playing that Pearl Jam song that goes "can't find a better man". When I enter, she looks at me and keeps singing. She has this shy smile as she looks up at me and she keeps looking up at me. The commotion dies, and we chat for a while. One thing leads to another, and she's on a plane the next day.

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photo by: moreno1968