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3 weeks of French classes soon started and man were there Europeans from everywhere. They have these French language programs for all sorts of people, from Vietnam to Hungry. There was a huge guy from Germany, Ralph, and a cute girl from Italy, I forget, and some guy from Slovakia with huge hair, I forget, some vietnamese girls, a crazy Spanish guy named Sergei, more Germans that I became friends with, and I was the sole American. Oh and a cute Czech girl. We had classes every day in the mornings, and went and had lunch afterwards.

    It was great to go clubbing with these people, and drink wine it an outdoor foyer, participate in scavenger hunts and try to communicate. I may have tried a little too hard to get French just right, but it was worth it. Most memorable was the club in the mountains with an outdoor pool, dinners at the cafeteria, the Irish group that was in town where the girl bought me a beer. I remember coining the phrase: "Dancing like a german" which was generally critical of their white dancing. They quickly made fun of me for my dancing however.

   Dining outdoors in old French squares was quite entertaining, as well as discovering secret gardens that lead up to huge french fortresses built on hills. If you ever go to Grenoble, you have to go up to the Bastille, an ancient roman fortress that still gets some hits. There are these amazing views from the top that just look out over the entire valley.
vances says:
lol...a fun story, thank you (er, merci!)!
Posted on: Jul 01, 2006
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