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    Our sojourn in Paris comes to an end, and we have like 20 new girls from California. The mad rush to find an apartment is on. Right around now is where I met my good friend Todd from Texas, or rather, Texas Todd.

We must have all gone up to the Bastille a few more times, and gone out to explore the scene. We were all young and I bet we all wish that there was more that we had done. The whole city is impressive to me, because everything is so old, and full of life. Just exploring places is really interesting. I remember one night we all walk way the hell south to get to a brazilian bar, with Raphael and Julien. Those guys were way cool, I hope they're doing well.

    Luckily I get a place downtown with a nice family. Classes start as well, and I meet like 10 new europeans. It was funny, my first day of classes and some girl says: "Are you the American?". I was like, oh shit, they're talking about me? But everyone is friendly.

    The french kids, and some international students all started about my time as me. I spend my lunches with them and my evenings with Todd and some other people in the dorms. Classes are way tough in French, that's one part of the equation. We go to the hookah bar quite often, as I try to balance between work and play.

    One night when we're out for drinks, my friend asks me if I'm into Pavement. I was like, oh man that's my favorite band. How on Earth would a french person understand Pavement lyrics? Maybe their abstractness transcends language? I remember one night he played the pavement DVD and he tried to get me to fill in the gaps. Benjamin and I became good friends. Smoking rolled cigarettes in his apartment is a high point.
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photo by: moreno1968