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Concepcion and Mederas from the bus
Brown Lakes...
...Should be smelly, right?  This one isn't but is merely brown.  It is cool to swim in (and needs to be at times, Nicaragua is hot) and Merida provided me with my first ever experience of fishing!  I shit you not.  Met a couple of couples, one of the foursome (not in that sense) being an Aussie bloke called Pete.  Pete has an extendable rod (not in that sense) which he takes on holiday with him.  So I had a go at lure fishing and, miraculously caught a fish.  Sadly, the lure had vicious barbs which could not be extracted from the unfortunate victim, and so the only course of action was to kill the fish, which Pete did with some ruthlessness.  Sort of put a downer on the whole thing, but at least some passing Nicas got a free dinner.
Groovy clouds

Muddy Volcanoes
The more southerly of Ometepe's volcanoes is called Maderas.  It is shorter than Concepcion and hence an easier climb, right?  Wrong, utterly wrong. After a 30 minute false lull, it just goes up, like a stair, for three hours. On the hour and a half mark, just when you sort of get used to it, the path turns to mud.  Climbing then becomes a matter of attempting to get some purchase whilst hauling oneself up on tree roots.  Then I assume one gets to the crater edge (it was cloudy, but the wind picked up), where the path takes the form of a number of roots of dwarven trees, although mercifully level.  Finally, you drop for twenty minutes into a crater which has a lake which looks exactly like one where a Lady sticks her arm out of brandishing something Excalibur like.

Then you go all the way back.

Needless to say, I was knackered by the end, and for 3 days after that.  But it was a pretty cool experience to actually walk up one of these beasts (although clearly I am not stupid enough to repeat the experience any time soon. As were my travelling companions. Still, I had the Hacienda Merida to make up for it, which is a fabulous place to spend a few days (see attached review).

Amanda says:
I have never been a fan of fishing for the exact reason you say here. For several years I worked at a summer camp outside Philadelphia, and the first year I was Nature Instructor - and fishing was horrible. Hooks stuck in fish, or that ended up going through eye sockets... I finally changed the program to FEEDING the fish, crumbs of bread, and just watching them. I liked that much better...
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
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Concepcion and Mederas from the bus
Concepcion and Mederas from the bus
Groovy clouds
Groovy clouds
The rope swing at The Eye of Wate…
The rope swing at "The Eye of Wat…
photo by: Higton