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Dear Simon and Ria: I didn't go on the volcano slide, it looks frankly dangerous and I am concerned about the environmental impacts.  Plus, the orange jumpsuits jar with my complexion.

This place is hot.  Really, breathtaking hot. Unlike Granada, there is no lake breeze that whisks through the town which at least helps the sweat evaporate and cool oneself.  Most travellers to Nicaragua know about the rivalry between Leon and Granada - in a nutshell, Granada is full of tories and Leon full of commies.  Leon is better though, because there is something about the feel of the place which is more in tune with me.  Yes, that is hippy nonsense, but I can't really describe it.  I landed somewhere right.

Architecturally, Leon is as Granada - Spanish colonial.  It wins on the Church count, but is perhaps not as well preserved and/or developed as Granada.  Don't let that put you off though.  It has a delapidated granduer in places which is beautiful.  And, given it is a university town, the women are hot. :)

Penitas Blancas
Is a small little beach place about 30 minutes from Leon. I went on a day trip with the laughable idea of trying out some surfing.  I was soon disavowed of this idea after watching some geezer trying to battle the rip and get beyond the break.  He really never stood a chance.  The current was merciless, as myself and my days companions found out when we went for a "swim".  This entailed bracing ourselves against the incoming and outgoing tide, having our feet swept from under us, and glacing back to shore every thirty second to ensure we hadn't been pulled out.  The sideways current was so strong, we had to get out every few minutes and walk back 200 metres up the shore.

Great fun!

So, all those hours I was going to spend surfing were spent drinking Victoria instead (that is a local beer by the way).

Back to Leon
I guess the only things to finish with are to say I spent a fun evening drinking rum and cokes with an Aussie and a Yank and to thank the bloke called Stuart from Bristol for his bar hospitality at The Shark Pit.  Damn shame it looks like your team not mine is getting automatic promotion.

Amanda says:
This really is dragging on... when is "later" over?
Posted on: Apr 08, 2007
siri says:
no we're not get on with it. There's plenty of internet gaffes in Leon, so put your beer down for an hour and tell us how you found the volcano slide
Posted on: Mar 20, 2007
Amanda says:
That's fine, we're patient people...
Posted on: Mar 19, 2007
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