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Well, this is the final trip I shall take to Jacó local surfing spot and centre of Costa Rican whoredom.  It is noteworthy for two rather odd experiences:

1. Neighbours.  Everyone needs good ones apparently.  I changed accommodation location for my last stop, landing at the Hotel de Haan, where a note on the balcony informed residents that it was important to be quiet after 10 o'clock.  The consequences of noisiness could be a visit from the local constabulary if the neighbours complain.

So, it came as quite a surprise to find our immediate neighbour was a brothel.  The ladies would be getting ready in their rooms, sauntering along balconies, playing reggaeton (argh).  Later on, they would return with sheepish looking guys at all hours.  At one point, there was even a client waiting outside for his chosen to finish with someone else.  Better than TV for sure.

2. The strip club.  I made it to just shy of 36 years without visiting a strip club. As with most things, I had an opinion on them which is based on perception and supposition, rather than experience (That sounds like some  manner of justification! Ed.).  Hence I was marginally surprised to find myself in Divas Club in the company of a Scouser, an Irishman, an Australian and 2 Yanks.  I guess travelling is in part about new experiences.

Now, I felt that strip clubs were oppressive and exploitative environments.  Now I am less sure it is quite so cut and dry. Some nefarious activities go on and the things that some of these women do for money is not really my bag, however, they do earn far more than any other women in town and some of them seem to genuinely enjoy their work. In addition, pole dancing is far more skillful that I would have thought, some of those moves are extremely athletic and impressive. However, none of it is actually very sexy.  Never thought I say this, but there are only so many naked women you can see in one evening, especially when they are dancing to Celine Dion and Michael Jackson numbers.  It somehow seems wrong.  A far more sensual show was seen later in San José...

And in terms of being exploited, some of the guys in there really will pay through the nose to have a good time and seem very ready to part with their cash. More fool them.

The highlight of the evening was certainly an improptu show given by two of my very drunk acquaintences.  Opposite the stage with the pole were two cages about 3 metres in the air.  The Scouser and Australian entered said cages to strut their stuff.  I think the pole dancer was a bit miffed as no-one was watching her. 

All round and interesting experience - always good to have ones perceptions challenged, as long as I'm in the mood.
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photo by: anlis