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Run of the mill property on Caye Caulker

Into The Cayes

Belize is rightly famous for a group of small islands attached to an enormous barrier reef.  The islands are called Cayes and are very nice thank you very much.  I eventually went to the cheap one called Caye Caulker after the boat broke in Belize City harbour and very nice it was too.

These Cayes are the architypal Caribbean islands with blinding white sand, warm water as clear as Evian and wooden clapboard buildings all over the shop.  I also stayed in another good hostel (Tina's) which had hammocks and English people ready to drink.  If you ever see this Tom, I want my McGough book back. As I was winding down, this island was perfect because it is so laid back.

Apparently, Jesus does boat sales


Is something I can't do because my ears are crap.  Which is a shame as one of the World's premier dive sites is two hours away from the Caye.  However, I can do a bit of snorkelling on a reef that is 5 minutes away, so not all bad.  In fact, all very good. Weirdly, the water at the reef is actually warmer than that at the shore and given a stiff breeze had got up, that was a good thing.  I love snorkelling because it is easy to get lost in an alien world with creatures that don't work the same way as you and I.  But I like my tours to be ecologically sound, so I went on the "ecotour".  It wasn't very eco - yeah we made sure we didn't touch or stand on the coral, but the final bit was to go to Shark Alley.  As you would imagine, it is a place with lots of sharks as will as stingrays and it is weird being in the water with them and fabulous to see them swmming so close, but the guide seemed to view them as his pets.  He clearly loved the animals, but I am uncomfortable with being to chummy with wild beasts.  Just seems wrong.

Anyway, spent most of the rest of the time in a hammock lazing around reading, listing to music and drinking.  Hard life.

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Run of the mill property on Caye C…
Run of the mill property on Caye …
Apparently, Jesus does boat sales
Apparently, Jesus does boat sales
Sharks and rays from the safety of…
Sharks and rays from the safety o…
Caye Caulker
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