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For Once, People Are Right
One of the things that I have concluded about this travelling lark is you have to make your own mind up about places.  However, everything I ever heard about Managua is right.  It is one scary place.  There is an underlying threat that I have not felt anywhere else in Central America.  I was staying in one of the nicer barrios and, given it was the day time, I thought I'd chance a trip down to the shore.  Now, Managua has somewhere around 3 million people, so to walk through the geographical centre of a city that size for 45 minutes and see only 30 other people is off-kilter.  Whole sections of the capital are empty lots since an earthquake in the 1970's.  Around these lots are many slum style housing.  There is something in the air...

Another Brown Lake...
...and this is one that does smell.  I was immediately reminded of Puntarenas in Costa Rica - a metallic whiff whipping of the lake and blowing over plastic chairs and tables in its wake. I tried having a Victoria by the lakeside, but the smell was truly off-putting.  I did watch some fishermen at work, which was pretty interesting - they laid a net behind them and then gradually circled back on themselves whilst smacking the water with a huge bit of wood, which I presume was to scare the fish into the net.  It seemed to work, but I reminded myself fish was off the menu for the evening.

Guidebook Don't Fail Me
This is the time I wanted to trust the huge pink volume I've been lugging around, but it didn't work.  More in the reviews, but the hostel stank and the pub was corralled by people offering their "services" to ensure I got back to hostel safely - i.e. I'll walk back with you, you give me some money.  This meant popping back into the pub until these people had gone.

Luckily, the TicaBus office was open all night and I was able to change my ticket for San Salvador for the next day. 

Sorry to swear, but thank fuck for that.
Amanda says:
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
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