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Is it possible to get sick of gorgeous sunsets?
Perception Schmepson
I was a bit concerned about visiting Tamarindo, but that shows you how much value one can place in other peoples' opinions.  I'd heard it was like Jacó, which isn't my favourite place in Costa Rica.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by the place.  

It has faults - it has quite a developed infrastructure for foreign package tourists and I would guess 90% of the facilities are foreign owned. If you don't surf, then I suspect that it might not hold ones interest for too long. However, it has a good vibe about it and the beach is pretty good. Plus there are quite a few party places - perfect for a Christmas break.

Failure in timing
We arrived on the 19th with a booking in a hostel called La Botella de Leche and it was a result.
Rob is mostly definitely checking out the Argentine...
This place is great (see review).  For the first two nights, we were on Costa Rica time.  This entails dinner about 6 and then going out.  To our consternation, the party town reputation seemed undeserved - places were empty and everywhere seemed like it was waiting. It was only after integrating ourselves with the other Lecheans that we realised it is because everyone operates on a later schedule.  We were getting in at 10.30 - just as everyone else was hitting town.  Oh, the error of our ways.

From then on in, the partying started in earnest. The hostel crowd were a good bunch and up for the surfing/partying idea.  We enjoyed it to the max.  Nightlife revolves around finding the right venue for the right night.  Somewhat strangely, party activity switched venue depending on the evening.
Tots will hate me for this. I know better than to get my belly out.
Thursdays was the Babylon Bar; Fridays the Mambobar, etc.

Endless Summer 2
Tamarindo's main claim to fame is that it was the location for a surfing movie.  Hence the plethora of surfing outlets.  We chose Blue Trails as it was closest to the hostel and cheaper than anywhere else.  English surf dude Dan gave us some advice and booked us on a surf trip to a beach up the road. The only problem with lessons is you realise what you've been doing wrong and it can be hard to rectify.  However, we all improved and were standing up for fun after a while.

The main beach is crowded.  Learning how to turn helped avoid all the little and big kids playing in the whitewater, although accidents do happen.  Especially to cheeky kids.

Barbequed Maui Maui
My personal highlight was provided by some Canadian chap named Adrian.  He spent US$375 on a fishing trip and I'm glad he did.  On his return, he brought a catch of Maui Maui and tuna which was amongst the best fish I have ever tasted.  Others contributed with salads and stuff.  Our addition to the meal was pasta in a shopping bag.  With salad dressing.  Strangely, it went down a storm; I guess that must have been the rum. This was followed by a night of dancing at the Babylon, including some vile spirit called guavo (I think). Shame I got mauled at pool.

I never thought I´d be sad to leave Tamarindo, but then isn´t that what travelling is all about?
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Is it possible to get sick of gorg…
Is it possible to get sick of gor…
Rob is mostly definitely checking …
Rob is mostly definitely checking…
Tots will hate me for this.  I kno…
Tots will hate me for this. I kn…
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