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The beautiful lake and I, post swim

Mein Gott

I couldn't quite believe it when I rocked up in El Remate.  The reason I was here was a chance encounter with a swiss couple within a milkshake emporium in El Estor.  They said "don't go to Flores because you can't swim.  Go to El Remate instead."  So I did and what a great decision.  Most of the accommodation is in or around the main road to Tikal, but another road wanders off north around the lake and has this little beauty situated bang on the lake. 

The day I arrived there was no wind at all, which meant that there were not even ripples on the lake.

That's the accommodation in the distance, I'm first floor top left
  I arrived at around 3, very hot and very bothered.  Half an hour later I'd swam across to the platform in the lake, took a bit of sun, cooled down and was watching the world go by in a hammock with an enormous beer and some Marlboros.  I think it was the most content I had been in months - certainly the most smug. 

The colours as the sun fell out of the sky were magical which hasn't quite come out on the photos (as per usual, I'm not David Bailey y'know).  So I went to the dock and met the hippies (see review photo) who annoyed me slightly with their sanctimonius attitude to anyone who wasn't travelling by spending tuppence a day and eating wild berries.  I wonder where they got the money for their hashish from then? Still, they didn't spoil my mood and were kind enough to take a photo, so not all bad.  As the sun dipped down, I retired to the hammock to watch the stars come out and listen to some of my El Retiro acquistions.

A perfect afternoon and evening ended in me visiting the restaurant next door (Ernestos I think) and eating the largest fish I have ever seen in a restaurant.  They said they only had a pez grande, but this bordered on gluttony.

Finished it though. :)

Had to get up the next day at 5.30am to go to Tikal...

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The beautiful lake and I, post swim
The beautiful lake and I, post swim
Thats the accommodation in the di…
That's the accommodation in the d…
Seriously, this place is beautiful
Seriously, this place is beautiful
Beer; £1 for a litre.  
Beer; £1 for a litre. Cigaret…
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