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Lots of scary heads
Copán in Ruins
So these are Mayan ruins. Mr Hill, you need to come to this part of the world if life allows the priviledge. Really, it is incredible.  You know how we get all excited about little bits of upright rock which form circles on the UK's moorland?  These Mayans really knew how to put stones upright.  Descriptions won't do them justice; photos miss the majesty but being there, even with a gaggle of other tourists is quite something.

Whilst it doesn't have the height of Tikal (later :)), Copán does have character - or more precisely, characters.  Carved rock (or copies of...) is everywhere.  You know the genuine pieces because they are under thatched rooves, the other stelea open to the elements are reproductions with the originals being in the attached museum.
I think this is reconstructed
  The characterisations of Mayans and the things that inspired them are everywhere.  Places like this remind me that history can actually be interesting.

I remember as a kid walking through Stonehenge before it was all cordoned off to stop the hippies pooing everywhere.  Copán reminds me of those days (minus the pooing).  You can scramble up some of the pyramids, actually touch the stones lying around everywhere.  You can wander and sit around amongst the site rather than being removed from it by fences.

But for me, the fabulous thing about here and Tikal is how nature reclaims whatever any civilization builds.  Most of the pyramids would fall down if the trees that keep them in place were cut down.  Yeah, some of the structures rise thirty of forty metres, but the trees on top of them go higher still. 

Copan Ruinas
Is the town next to the ruins.  And it is worth a visit in itself.  It is very pretty in a way that I hear most Honduran towns aren't.  However, as this is my only foray into this country I cannot confirm nor deny.  It has a pretty little square (and a woman for a mayor?) and the usual latino types just sitting around.  It does make me wonder what these people actually do (said he, wandering around gypsy like in foreign countries) and I get the distinct impression any work that gets done is mostly by women.  The men appear to be very accomplished at drinking.  As I think I have fed before, I am constantly amazed by how people are the same the world over.
Amanda says:
It sounds awesome - Hey Matty, want to go? I'll meet you down there....
Posted on: Apr 26, 2007
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Lots of scary heads
Lots of scary heads
I think this is reconstructed
I think this is reconstructed
photo by: Cho