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The Pacific Coast really does have some awesome sunsets.
San Juan del Sur
So then, San Juan, or should we say Saint John of the Sea - quite apt. I came here to learn a bit more Spanish.  A week´s intensive course including food, lodging and a surfing lesson (that never materialised) costs $130 - this is about $100 cheaper than Costa Rica.  Plus, my 90 day visa was expiring, so I needed to get out - fast.

It seems I´m too late.  Property speculators seem to be doing what the US Government couldn´t by slowing purchasing Central America into submission. Like many Costa Rican Pacific coastal towns, San Juan is over-run by Americans.  Gladly, the rampant sex tourism found in places like Jacó doesn´t exist.  That said, it is a nice enough place and has some fabulous surfing beaches nearby.
"Lady Madonna, children at her feet..."
  Food and accommodation are relatively expensive for Nicaragua, although it is hardly going to break the bank. I got a massive chicken casado and a cup of coffe for 40 cordobas in the market (that´s about UKP 1.25 folks).

Jesus and friends
I was also there for the run up to Christmas. The main upshot of this would seem to be the prevalence of fireworks. And at 7 in the morning, fireworks are shit.

I was staying with a Nicaraguan family, led by Guadaloupe and Jesús. It was all a bit weird as there was religious iconography everywhere, which makes me uncomfortable.  And then I woke up one morning to find it taken to a new level (as per photo).  They turned there living room into a shrine, including a large Madonna with a 4-inch screw thread sticking out of her head. If it wasn´t disrespectful, I´d say it was stolen.

So I went out for my lesson, and returned to find the place swarming with the town´s matriarches and a nun.  Oh, and a five piece band.  Really, not my scene, but fascinating to watch.  Madonna was loaded onto a Chevy pick-up truck along with her flowers and, held steady by a child, was paraded around the streets, trailed by the nun and the band.  Religion freaks me out.
fowya says:
hey, what school did you go to? could you send me the link to its website??
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
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The Pacific Coast really does have…
The Pacific Coast really does hav…
Lady Madonna, children at her fee…
"Lady Madonna, children at her fe…
Every town should have a mixed tra…
Every town should have a mixed tr…