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Surf or Smurf?
Hellfire, how did I end up here?  Well, alright, there was one reason - the surf.  For a learner like me, the beaches of Jacó are fabulous.  The waves rear, but not too much, the break is over sand and slow and there is white-water in which to practice standing up.  And that is exactly what I was doing most of the time - so progress.  I even hit one from out back, but I spent so much time think "I´m coming off, I´m coming off!" that by the time I stood up, all the power had gone. Really, I be a wimp in such a situation.

Working Ladies of the Dominican Republic
So the days were cool, but the nights less so.  Costa Rica has a reputation for sex tourism, places like Jacó explain it. I lost count of the number of 45 year old Yanks (you aren´t that far off 45 yourself...[ed]) swanning about with their corpulent bellies protuding from beneath garish Hawaiian (sp) shirts with tottering whores on their arms. I think I even saw some lady-boys. Apparently they all hang out at a place called "the Beatle Bar" which, amusingly, has a VW Beetle outside.  Bless.  Thankfully, the people I met at Cabinas Chuck were able to steer me in the right direction. That direction being the Bar Tabacon, for pool and Imperials. 

I´ve found out I´m not very good at doubles pool, but rock big time at singles - at least against technically good, but psychologically suspect Isrealis who I can browbeat into submission with confident chicanery.  As for anything else to do, I guess there are lots of over-priced excursions.  But you get far better value in San José.  And my Sunday morning hangover was not improved by the rich Yanks from the Best Western hotel up the road.  Whoever thought quad-bikes roaring past the Café del Mar breakfast place at 8 in the morning was a good thing needs shooting.

So, I wouldn´t really recommend it, unless of course your into prostitutes, in which case go spread thy seed.  The Pacific side of Costa Rica is letting me down a bit at the moment, however I have plans to put that right...
Mattyhill says:
so "The Pacific side of Costa Rica is letting me down a bit at the moment" well mate you should count your blessings. You have surfing, cheap beer and sex tourism. In essex right now we have the onset/onslaught of winter and sex tourism. I saw a bloody tornado last week. And if you don't believe me take a look at
Posted on: Oct 06, 2006
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