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Ticos are really not into this TLC idea.
Exit Stage North
I've had a wander around in San Jose today just to say adios to a few places.  It's sort of sad and sort of exciting too. I also want to defend the old place a bit.  I can understand why Chepe gets a bit of a kicking.  It isn't the most beautiful of places and some of the places that visitors end up in are grim.  But it has a charm if you look in the right spots.

I had a sit in Parque Morazan today which is a nice spot in the day (less so when the sun goes down) as well as enjoying a nice bite to eat at the Q Cafe (as per review).  The thing is, as soon as you look up, big mountains and volcanoes look down on you.
Parque Morazon . green oasis in the city centre
  If you look past the razor wire, there are all the millions of stories going on just like in any city.  Yes, bits are dangerous, but isn't that the same anywhere?  There are plants everywhere that compete with the metal and diesel fumes.  For every begger and n'erdowell there are a thousand kids, teenagers and adults just doing their thing.

Vargas Araya
I also got off the bus after my stop and had a walk back down the hill, just to get another feel for the barrio that has been home for the past eight months.  It is quiet on a Saturday - most people seem to have slipped into town or to the mall.  The north wind whips through the streets at the moment, gloriously cool against a fierce tropical sun.  Most of the green has turned to brown, but there are still splashes of colour everywhere.

And just as I was walking down the last block to the office, the faint surrealness that seems to have punctuated my stay here reared its head again.  A car drove by with a clown in it. It seemed a bit wrong to see at 2pm on a 27 degrees centigrade afternoon.  Clearly, I had to run after it and take a photograph - just seemed to be the done thing.

I then wandered back, got myself a coffee and had a bit of a relax.  All this wandering around is quite tiring.

I'm excited to be spending the next couple of months roaming Central America, but I'll always remember San Jose with a fondness foreginers don't seem usually have for the city. 
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Ticos are really not into this TLC…
Ticos are really not into this TL…
Parque Morazon . green oasis in th…
Parque Morazon . green oasis in t…
You simply dont see this every day
You simply don't see this every day
San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira