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Mayan ruins AND a fabulous sea. It gets no better, xurely?
I guess I should finish this...

Now, This Is A Location
I'm always interested by the difference between how one imagines a place and reality.  A number of people had described Tulum to me and, for some reason, I'd sort of got a colonial Spanish town in my head. Tulum is nothing like that - it is the Modern Mexico with the zoned block US planning to go with it.

Weary Traveller
Given I was tired, the name of this hostel was most apt.  A reasonable place where I was treated with some wonderful kindness.  I had acquired an awful hacking cough (something to do with local tobacco products) which must be the singularly most irritating thing for other people to experience in a dorm (bar shagging, assuming one is not a shagee).
This, my friends, is what the Caribbean is all about
  Some young Dutch thing wandered in when I was try to rest on my own, went to the bathroom and returned with a vitamin C drink for me.  She hardly said a word, but it was really sweet.  Thank you, unknown Nederlander.

Coastal Mayan Ruins
The reason to visit Tulum is for the cliff top Mayan ruins.  Although Tintagel in England is far more dramatic, the volume of Tulum's colours is deafening.  The variety of blue offered by the sea is astonishing and is set off by magnolia sand stretching for miles.  There's a vibancy to the flora around the ruins which includes dusty greens and scarlet flowers.  Compared to Tikal or Copan, the ruins are dull.  The situation blows the other two away though.

There are a number of places to stay all along the beach which looked pretty amazing, if only for having that sand and sea straight out of your door.  Tales of other travellers rate these places.  Go and see if you're there!
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Mayan ruins AND a fabulous sea.  I…
Mayan ruins AND a fabulous sea. …
This, my friends, is what the Cari…
This, my friends, is what the Car…
Transpose moped for proper motorbi…
Transpose moped for proper motorb…
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